Learn Docker in 7 Easy Steps – Full Beginner's Tutorial


    A complete introduction to Docker. Learn how to Dockerize a Node.js and run manage multiple containers with Docker Compose. https://fireship.io/lessons/docker-basics-tutorial-nodejs

    00:00 What is Docker?
    01:54 Installation & Tooling
    02:40 Dockerfile
    06:06 Build an Image
    07:12 Run a Container
    08:52 Debugging
    09:35 Docker Compose

    Source code https://github.com/fireship-io/fireship.io
    Official Docker https://www.docker.com

    #LearnToCode #Docker

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    1. You're making beginners confused. This video is ful of misunderstandings
      – "Container is simply a running process" is not true. A container is an isolated group of processes isolated (aka "kernel-level virtual machine"). "Normal" processes aren't isolated, e.g. can access all user's files.
      – "Docker is a way to package software so it can run on any hardware" – is also false. Target hardware must use the same type of CPU (usually x86-64), and the same OS kernel (usually Linux, but it's also possible to build Windows Docker images). To run on any CPU, WebAssembly, JVM or scripting languages exist. Docker is a way to package to run software on any compatible CPU and OS kernel pair (usually x86-64 Linux).

    2. one question, will it be possible for us to access the data stored in the volume without running the docker image ? so my docker container stored some text files into a volume but i am not able to access that text file. i want to be able to copy that text file onto my ubuntu desktop , is that possible ?

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    4. How is mounting a volume any different from copying a directory over? Is host machine a particular instance or any machine the container might run on? I think docterizing a database with static data seems like a common use case. Can you mount a sql database file and save it in the image and commit so every time you pull that image you get the database?