Learn AWS For Free beginner to advance | Free tutorials from experts | Tamil | amazon free course

Learn AWS For Free beginner to advance | Free tutorials from experts | Tamil |
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44 thoughts on “Learn AWS For Free beginner to advance | Free tutorials from experts | Tamil | amazon free course”
  1. Hi,
    I'm 7 years experience in other field of engineering. I wanna learn AWS but I wanna that either AWS alone enough to get job or I want to learn other like python,Linux. Kindly Let me know

  2. Things to learn to get job

    1st step :

    Get certified as solution architect easy but have to study atleast for a month
    Learn Iaas platform like cloud formations, cdk, terraform any one
    Learn git and git action helps to automate
    Learn python basics
    Learn SQL basics
    Learn linux basics
    Most important that every company wants is good knowledge in microservices like docker, fargate, kubernetes if you are well versed getting job is not a problem.

    2nd step:

    Polished resume especially with projects
    Do cloud related projects
    Create account in upwork and do some freelancing work to get little idea about real world project
    Concentrate on serverless
    Continuously apply for startup companies not MNCs they won't hire without exp
    This will be applicable for all freshers as well a people who want to shift carreer or persons who have gap in their careers

    Go for AWS cloud because azure and gcp are easy to learn but AWS is industrial standard if you want to learn two then AWS and azure will do
    Gcp I don't have faith in it

    If you have clear understanding and knowledge on the above steps you can apply for devops job also

    Most important aspect to get job in cloud is the confidence
    Gud luck

  3. Hi Abin, Good morning, I am currently working in Network Domain as a Technical Analyst with 5+ years of Exp, I would like to learn cloud, Can I go with Azure or AWS.

  4. Bro online certificate la yapti interview la proof ha kamikarathu pdf ha thana nama ketta irukum so athu yapti interview la kamikarathu please reply bro? @abin

  5. Bro experienced non it candidate
    IT kulla enter pannina direct technical round irkuma illa aptitude vachi dha tr & hr povangala

  6. Hi bro .I'm mechanical engineering 2014 passout .nan ippa ena padikalam , ena padicha IT la job kadaikum solunka bro

  7. Bro blockchain developer role and scope….epdi job vangrathu…idha paththi video podunga broo

  8. Hi guys, I have queery about my field I currently working in a support role in project and I interesting in automation testing how to move on?? And My stream is cbo(ITIS) how to move on IT, support role is good or bad can any one clear it.

  9. Bro neenga relevel la QA tester role add panna suggest pannunga bro…and naanga la epdi bro relevel la contact panni request kodukkamudiyumma?

  10. Waited for u.. Bro. 💪…. Bro suggest me good utube channel or udemy course for Linux & shell scripting tutorial?? 🙏

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