Kubernetes vs. Docker: It's Not an Either/Or Question

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Although it is a common misconception, Kubernetes and Docker are not opposing technologies. In fact, they actually complement one another. Moving to scale with Docker alone poses many challenges, and Kubernetes tackles those challenges that emerge with large Docker-based deployments.

In this lightboarding video, Sai Vennam goes through the misconceptions around the Kubernetes vs. Docker question and outlines the key advantages of Docker and Kubernetes when used together.

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39 thoughts on “Kubernetes vs. Docker: It's Not an Either/Or Question”
  1. Is Kubernetes can scale Vertically or Horizontally ? Is that Auto scaling can be done via a Load balancer externally by a Public loud services like Azure , AWS etc ? Please share your inputs .

  2. At the moment there is no Guru like you, I'm pretty sure no one does recovery than you 👆👆

  3. At the moment there is no Guru like you, I'm pretty sure no one does recovery than you 👆👆

  4. Thank you! This lesson helped me understand that Kubernetes and Docker aren't necessarily competitors, but work, when need be, perfectly together, bringing out the best features in each other.

    You explained really well.

  5. I'm not a computer learnt person but I found Docker to be easy to work with learnt docker in a day, where as Kubernetes to be difficult I just can't seem to grasp it

  6. need some fundamentals to this video…please recommend a prereq video and even create a list heirarchy of videos.

  7. @
    Hey guys watch out this channel as well. It's Great to to understand. It can get potential audience from here so that's why shared it. Have a great day ahead

  8. 2020 update, you don't need ubuntu to run docker, and React runs on client brower, (unless it's a next.js or gatsby which is server side render)

  9. Very helpful! That said, I still don't get if using Kubernetes without Docker makes sense (I'm newbie to Kubernetes)

  10. Thanks for this explanation. You were awesome, I'm discovering this wonderful world and I'm very excited about it. Thanks for share your knowledge.

  11. fan of using java for database access , so what are the main programming languages to access databaes

  12. The video is great but you might have missed mentioning docker swarm. It helps with some stuff similar to K8s but missed on a lot of features

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