Kubernetes Tutorial – How to Crack 🔥CKA Exam🔥 in 21 Hours?


If you want to crack CKA / CKAD course in a day, this course is just for you. By the end of this course you will learn all concepts of Kubernetes with all tips and tricks to crack CKA / CKAD Exam.
Wish you all best of luck for CKA/CKAD Exam!!!

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▬▬▬▬▬▬ COURSE OVERVIEW 📚 ▬▬▬▬▬▬
🔥 What is Kubernetes 🔥
► What problems does Kubernetes solve?
► What features do container orchestration tools offer?

🔗 Reference Links: https://github.com/lerndevops/educka

🔥 Main K8s Components 🔥
► Node & Pod
► Service & Ingress
► ConfigMap & Secret
► Volumes
► Deployment & StatefulSet

🔥 K8s Architecture 🔥
► Worker Nodes
► Master Nodes
► Api Server
► Scheduler
► Controller Manager
► etcd – the cluster brain

🔥 Minikube and kubectl – Local Setup 🔥
► What is minikube?
► What is kubectl?
► install minikube and kubectl
► create and start a minikube cluster

🔥 Main Kubectl Commands – K8s CLI 🔥
► Get status of different components
► create a pod/deployment
► layers of abstraction
► change the pod/deployment
► debugging pods
► delete pod/deployment
► CRUD by applying configuration file

🔥 K8s YAML Configuration File 🔥
► 3 parts of a Kubernetes config file (metadata, specification, status)
► format of configuration file
► blueprint for pods (template)
► connecting services to deployments and pods (label & selector & port)
► demo

🔥 Demo Project 🔥
► Deploying MongoDB and Mongo Express
► MongoDB Pod
► Secret
► MongoDB Internal Service
► Deployment Service and Config Map
► Mongo Express External Service

🔥 Organizing your components with K8s Namespaces 🔥
► What is a Namespace?
► 4 Default Namespaces
► Create a Namespace
► Why to use Namespaces? 4 Use Cases
► Characteristics of Namespaces
► Create Components in Namespaces
► Change Active Namespace

🔥 K8s Ingress explained 🔥
► What is Ingress? External Service vs. Ingress
► Example YAML Config Files for External Service and Ingress
► Internal Service Configuration for Ingress
► How to configure Ingress in your cluster?
► What is Ingress Controller?
► Environment on which your cluster is running (Cloud provider or bare metal)
► Demo: Configure Ingress in Minikube
► Ingress Default Backend
► Routing Use Cases
► Configuring TLS Certificate

🔥 Helm – Package Manager 🔥
► Package Manager and Helm Charts
► Templating Engine
► Use Cases for Helm
► Helm Chart Structure
► Values injection into template files
► Release Management / Tiller (Helm Version 2!)

🔥 Persisting Data in K8s with Volumes 🔥
► The need for persistent storage & storage requirements
► Persistent Volume (PV)
► Local vs Remote Volume Types
► Who creates the PV and when?
► Persistent Volume Claim (PVC)
► Levels of volume abstractions
► ConfigMap and Secret as volume types
► Storage Class (SC)

🔥 Deploying Stateful Apps with StatefulSet 🔥
► What is StatefulSet? Difference of stateless and stateful applications
► Deployment of stateful and stateless apps
► Deployment vs StatefulSet
► Pod Identity
► Scaling database applications: Master and Worker Pods
► Pod state, Pod Identifier
► 2 Pod endpoints

🔥 K8s Services 🔥
► What is a Service in K8s and when we need it?
► ClusterIP Services
► Service Communication
► Multi-Port Services
► Headless Services
► NodePort Services
► LoadBalancer Services

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      Isaac Ambi
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      The explanation is good, content is great. I just can't see what is going on.

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      Aris Totle
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      The quality of this course would significantly be improved by just simply adding time stamps to make it easier for us to come back to chapters.

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      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      Yes video is out of sync For example if you see around 3:30:003:40:00. But the content is great <3

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      Rohit More
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      Hii…is there any prerequisite to learn this course?….I just know basic Java programming…switched from mech to IT and joined IT ferm

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      adding time stamps would have helped

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      what an idea sir ji
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      Can 2021 passed out from mechanical engineering eligible to write these exam & can he get interview calls?

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      Suraj Solanki
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      Like your efforts 👍

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      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      Wonderful explanation of all the topics.

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      Dinesh Prabhakaran
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      This video is enough on kubernetes or should i watch some more videos on this? If yes can you suggest some videos?

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      janardhan M
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      Hai GURU In ca, ca-cert, key using for Backup at that time use this /etc/k8s/Pki my Question is what it means by "Pkl " ?

    • blank
      janardhan M
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      What is use of operotor:In in NodeAffinity and Pod-Anti-Affinity Yaml file?

    • blank
      janardhan M
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      I think It will be mapped with help of the container Name Is it right or wrong tell me? This type of naming convention provides the Core-DNS If I am wrong plz correct me.

    • blank
      janardhan M
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      Hai GURU, I have one question regarding "Core-DNS".1. what was the uses of Core-DNS in K8s place? use case: Consider my pod gets down it will recreate with help of Controller but POd IP address will be changed So who to Service mapping the Pods?

    • blank
      janardhan M
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      Hai this is Janardhan, my question is why are using Configure a Security Context for a Pod or Container | Kubernetes, for the particular user axes? Am I Right or wrong one more thing is to make a video on "Service mesh ".

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      janardhan M
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      Hai this is Janardhan, It was a nice video, Well done and one more thing is Make video on Service Mesh like a Istio

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      subrata mitra
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      Do we need to ssh to the master node first and then execute the etcd backup command in master node only during examination? as I have observed when we log in to the context terminal given in the exam question we can find the path where etcd backup need to be saved but when ssh to the master node after that I can not see the same path anymore to save the etcd backup. please clarify here in that case do we need to take the etcd backup after creating the directory path (as given in the question paper) before taking the etcd backup from Master or we can take the etcd backup from the context terminal itself so that it can be save directly given in the path mentioned. if so then what IP address to be selected as endpoint? while executing the etcd backup save command from context terminal.

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      Gayatri Fun Kiddos
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      how can i contact u ? would you mind pass on your email id

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      Gayatri Fun Kiddos
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      grate video. appreciate your efforts.
      if somebody from non devops platform, is learning Kubernetes is enough, or do we really need to learn any other courses apart from this course?

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      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      Could you please upload full Troubleshooting part video which held on 22 aug from 8:25 to 9:24 am(as per screen shared video)
      Seems like that 1 hour troubleshooting is missing
      Thanks in advance

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      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      brother nice explanation
      if possible do the video for these
      • In which case mostly migration takes place from one cloud to another cloud few use-cases
      • Migration process from EKS to AKS clusters, what are pre-requests and steps to complete the migration process microservice deployment, Note Points in K8s Prospective and DevOps tools Point of view END to the END Deployment process.
      The client wants to migrate an existing application from AWS to AKS being a DevOps Consultant what kind of role will perform to accomplish the task.
      • How to migrate/move Monolithic to microservice architecture, what are the best practices.
      • Migration process from On-Premises to AZURE of an application
      • To set up the end to end deployment of an application using Kubernetes in on-premises
      Points to be considered from k8s point of view.hoping positively

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      Hanzala Siddique
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      Appreciate your hardwork

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      Philemon Elaigwu
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      I like your class, learning and later writing CKA in Dec.

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      Pushpendra Singh
      May 15, 2022 21:25 pm Reply

      this video . help me a lot. i passed my cka exam.

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