Kubernetes is dropping Docker support?!

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    Earlier today people started mentioning the news that Kubernetes 1.20 deprecated support for Docker. But what does that mean?

    Kubernetes will still run Docker images just fine, since Docker images conform to the OCI standard. But Kubernetes recommends using a more lightweight container runtime, like containerd, or CRI-O, to actually _run_ containers inside a Kubernetes cluster.

    So don’t fret, this change likely won’t affect you no matter what tools you use, unless you regularly install new Kubernetes clusters and set up Docker with them. And in that case, it should be a simple fix—install containerd instead of Docker on your Kubernetes nodes!

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    1. Anyone who’s been an admin of a k8s cluster should understand this. Like you said its been a long time coming. With the amount of people freaking out the news worthy headline seems like it should be “Thousands of engineers deploy k8s, they still don’t understand it.”

    2. iirc, docker's biz-plan was gutted by kubernetes,
      & if kubernetes is now gutting docker's remaining significance,
      it may be part of a more long-term agenda ( political or anti-political ) or plan…

      Docker had planned on making their living through the tools that kubernetes made irrelevant
      ( was this a vid I saw, or was it on the register, can't remember )
      then docker had great difficulty in coming up with revenue…
      Now this…

      Maybe docker will be bankrupt in a year, gone from the field?

      Who would benefit most from that, economically?

    3. I must honestly admit that I never knew there were "Docker alternatives"… I just picked it up through docker-compose to install disposable applications without dirtying my actual server – and, they had the benefit of being pre-configured and independent. If I move servers, I just take the data files with me, docker-compose up -d all of them and … done. Copy the NGINX files for proxy_pass settings and server_names and its completed. So when I heared Docker would be dropped from Kubernetes I was, frankly, very surprised and confused.
      But now that the topic of "Docker is not the only container use-case" is on the table, I have a question: Is there a VM-lite variant, where I can set up a container running Linux but without all the overhead something like VBox brings? Mainly so I can give a friend of mine a root-level Linux he can fool around in, and allow him to expose ports for HTTP which I can route to through NGINX. So he has his personal playspace, but it can still be fairly accessible. Got an idea for that? Thanks 🙂