Kubernetes Ingress | Session 8 | Modernize Apps with Azure & Kubernetes

This is session 8 in “Modernize Apps with Azure and Kubernetes” which covers:
👉 Kubernetes Services and Limitations
👉 Why Ingress?
👉 Ingress Controllers and Resources
👉 Application Architecture
👉 Demo:
👉 Create Ingress Controller
👉 Create Ingress Resource
👉 Configure Ingress DNS and routes

Feel free to ask questions 📞 in the comments section below.

💻 Code for this session in on the following branch (session8_ingress):
💻 You can also find the complete code here on the master branch:

#kubernetesingress #kubernetes #azure #kubernetestutorial #cloudnative
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5 thoughts on “Kubernetes Ingress | Session 8 | Modernize Apps with Azure & Kubernetes”
  1. Can you explain how to do same thing using AZURE CI/CD pipeline ? Also how to use microservice here ( more than one backend service along with API gateway, authentication)?

  2. Thanks a lot, Bro for the great explanatory videos.

    Can you please provide more videos with realtime scenarios?

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