Kubernetes Ingress in 5 mins

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There are several ways to expose your applications deployed in Kubernetes, but how do you know which option is best for you?

In this lightboard video, Sai Vennam with IBM Cloud, visually breaks down the four main options (ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer, and Ingress) in great detail and why using Kubernetes Ingress is the best option to use in production environments.

0:00 – Intro
0:50 – ClusterIP
1:10 – NodePort
2:44 – LoadBalancer
3:43 – Ingress
5:10 – Benefits of Kubernetes Ingress

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39 thoughts on “Kubernetes Ingress in 5 mins”
  1. great video, may I ask what applications did you use to create this video. the writing part with marker is amazing

  2. When you are on a cloud provider, the load balancer will be automatically provisioned for you, but if you are on bare-metal, you should do that yourself manually.

  3. I've watched 5 other full courses and none of them explained Ingress and Nodeports as clearly as you did.

    I finally get it! Thank You!

    How do I support you or buy your full course?

  4. Nice video, thank you for share, I have a question, I recently heard at a conference that it was a good practice to use multiple ingress controllers in Kubernetes. Why?

  5. I don't understand how can all of the instructor can right backwards?
    Is it a job requirement for getting into IBM of you guys are simply flipping the video horizontally?

  6. In kuberentes how to do traffic splitting between pods behind a single services, so that each pod can receive equal request/second.

  7. i have a service with 10 replicas of a pod exposed by a service on k8s cluster. I want to 4 replicas to serve public APIs (lets say they have /public prefix) and the other 6 replicas to server private(internal) APIs (let's say they don't have /public prefix). I don't think ingress with help here. Is there any other way, this can be achieved?

  8. So if I understand correctly. The ingress lives on the API server? Or is that another device? Where does the public IP live? I'm assuming again on the API controller or API server.

  9. Do you actually write mirrored or is there some magic behind this? 😀 hats off and thanks for the great explanation!

  10. Oh. I would love to watch your personal channel, hard to find videos exactly from you, but they are the best.

  11. Just a suggestion to not whiteboard at the very bottom of the frame, it ends up overlapping with the subtitles (if enabled)

  12. greatly explain in 5 mini.. to my knowledge/experience NLB is Network Load Balancer right ? correct me if I am wrong !!

  13. Great video. Just one confusion I have. Do we need a load-balancer like Ngnix when using Ingress or Ingress itself act as a load balancer

  14. I have a question, so essentially an Ingress is a Kubernetes component which is not in the form of actual process running as part of cluster itself, but instead ingress makes sures that it maintains the front end and backend configuration needed for an external load balancer process to pick it up and execute outside the cluster?

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