Kubernetes Components explained! Pods, Services, Secrets, ConfigMap | Kubernetes Tutorial 14

Kubernetes Pods | Kubernetes Services | Kubernetes Secrets | Kubernetes ConfigMap | Kubernetes Volumes | Kubernetes Deployment | Kubernetes StatefulSet | Ingress

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Main Kubernetes components explained: Pods, Service, Ingress, Volumes, ConfigMap, Secrets, Deployment, StatefulSet. Just enough to get you started using Kubernetes in practice as a devops engineer or software developer.

Kubernetes has tons of components, but most of the time you are only working with a handful of them. This video shows you step by step how each component helps you to deploy your application and what the role of each of those components is.

▬▬▬▬▬▬ T I M E S T A M P S ⏰ ▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 – Intro
0:59 – Node and Pod
3:50 – Service and Ingress
6:04 – ConfigMap and Secret
9:20 – Volumes
11:26 – Deployment and StatefulSet
16:54 – Main K8s components summarized

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This video is the 14th of a complete series for beginners. At the end of this tutorial you will fully understand Docker and Kubernetes.

The complete step-by-step guide to Docker and Kubernetes will include the following topics:

🐳 DOCKER basics:
– Container concept
– Why docker? (image vs. traditional DevOps)
– Install docker on different operating systems
– 8 basic commands you need to know (2 parts)
– Docker vs. Virtual Machine
– Docker in Practice: Overview of whole development process with Docker (development, continuous delivery, deployment) Probably 3-5 videos including Docker-Compose, Dockerfile, Private Repository.
– Docker Volumes in theory and practice

✵ KUBERNETES basics:
– Main Kubernetes components (including Pod, Service, Ingress, Volumes, ConfigMap, Secrets, Deployment, StatefulSet)
– Kubernetes architecture for beginners (master, slave nodes & processes)
– Understand how does K8s REALLY work? Main Concepts of how to use K8s
– Minikube, Kubectl – set up the cluster and connect to it
– Kubectl main commands – Demo
– Configuration file (YAML) – syntax
– Communication between the pods – basic networking concepts in Kubernetes
– K8s Deployment in practice – example application deployment (pod + service + Ingress + secret)
– K8s Volumes explained
– Kubernetes Namespaces

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34 thoughts on “Kubernetes Components explained! Pods, Services, Secrets, ConfigMap | Kubernetes Tutorial 14”
  1. 0:59 – Node and Pod
    3:50 – Service and Ingress
    6:04 – ConfigMap and Secret
    9:20 – Volumes
    11:26 – Deployment and StatefulSet
    16:54 – Main K8s components summarized

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  2. Hi Nana,

    Permit to say that you are doing a fantastic job with lucid explanation, simplifying complex concepts, and making K8s taste like bread and butter.

    Could you please share the link if you have made a separate video on volume?
    This would help me concretize my knowledge.

  3. Hello Nana, loved your content.
    I have a few queries;
    1. Can we deploy different containers (application, database, etc) in a single pod?
    2. If yes, how to create an external and internal service for each of them?


  4. Once again thank you so much.. I need one small suggestion on fixing an issue with minikube cluster.

    I had to start the minikube cluster with minikube start –no-vtx-check with oracle VM as my virtual machine, even though my BIOS has the virtualization enabled.
    I am experiencing a lot of delay in starting my minikube and often it times out and it never starts.
    I strongly believe I am facing this issue right after installing docker desktop in my windows machine.

    below is the info I get from systeminfo command
    Hyper-V Requirements: A hypervisor has been detected. Features required for Hyper-V will not be displayed. I believe it has nothing to do in my case, since I am using oracle VM.

    I am finding it really hard to fix this issue. Do you have any quick suggestions for me?

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