Kubernetes Application Deployment from AWS ECR to EKS

This video shows complete end-to-end process of how to build the docker image of an application locally , how to push that image to AWS ECR and from there how to use it during application deployment to AWS EKS service.

It has pictorial overview of flow and command-by-command explanation of the flow. Live demo of application running one EKS and local docker.

Please find files used at Git repo : https://github.com/RekhuGopal/SharedDocs/tree/main/AWS-ECR-to-EKS-Integration


19 thoughts on “Kubernetes Application Deployment from AWS ECR to EKS”
  1. Everything went well unti creation of the cloudformation stack. EKS creation resulted in errors post that. Anyways, thank you so much for the effort, this really healped learn things.

  2. EKS deployment successfully done, now I am going to update ecr image again but its not effect on my eks… Means the changes not effect to the next ecr image build. Ho wto update the ecr image that effect on eks cluster?

  3. Bro please put all the yaml and CFT templates in GitHub and share the link… Please 🙏

  4. pretty cool. command line only! BTW There is an easier way to log into ECR by piping the password to your login command rather than using copy paste

  5. When I tried to run this yaml file for EKS in stacksets, the configuration seems outdated.

  6. Thank you creating a detailed Video, Pls do explain how to open the inbound port as that is Guess is critical .

  7. First of all don't repeat the words twice also it seems you are so confused about the concepts, be clear then only make videos with proper explanation and be fluent. Poor explain

  8. Hey, after running "aws cloudformation deploy –template-file .." command I am getting Successfully created/updated stack – my-new-stack, but the stack is not displaying in my aws cloudformation webpage, do I need to make any changes in template file?

  9. Very good video !!! Have you uploaded your command file and other instructions at any public repositiory so that we can download and practice ?

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