[ Kube 71 ] Creating Kubernetes cluster in AWS using Eksctl | AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service

In this video, I will show you how to create your Kubernetes cluster in AWS using eksctl. We will be using Amazon’s managed Kubernetes service called Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

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26 thoughts on “[ Kube 71 ] Creating Kubernetes cluster in AWS using Eksctl | AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service”
  1. You're a legend, Boss. I definitely have it in mind to support. Quick question, please can you use kubectl command to pull an image from docker hub repo or ECS and run them on the worker nodes?

  2. Hi Sir , I am getting below error during create cluster " AWS::IAM::Role/ServiceRole: CREATE_FAILED – "API: iam:CreateRole User: arn:aws:iam::********:user/emails@***.com is not authorized to perform: iam:CreateRole on resource: arn:aws:iam:"
    Please guide me

  3. Very Good Video. Is there any video which gives you complete setup of creating a sample application using containers and spinning up the EKS to host these containers ? That would be much helpful.

  4. Hi , myself Jamal here . I have gone through ur video which is nice and informative , I have been facing an issue when creating cluster. Can u help me , y is that I am facing an error .

    Error: getting availability zones: getting availability zones for us-east-1: UnauthorizedOperation: You are not authorized to perform this operation.

    status code: 403, request id: 511fd768-8ceb-4556-a5a1-7beb384f5fc4

  5. Nice Video 🙂 I have deployed eks cluster with yaml config file by providing VPC and node group configurations. Now I want to update the cluster with the public subnet and add one more node group to the cluster. Is this possible? initially I created my cluster with private subnet no public subnets in it. now I want to update. if you know any info on this could you help me.

  6. Hi sir,

    EKS Cluster spanning multiple Availability Zones, and ldap directory pods in our cluster require persistent data on them and am going with EBS volumes with PVs. however it will starts to fail when the k8s nodes span multiple AZ as in this case, the PV mapping will fail once a pod mapped to a PV will move to a different node on a different AZ (Different from the EBS volume).

    I would really appreciate if you can provide your suggestions on this.

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