KNOW the difference between Data Base // Data Warehouse // Data Lake (Easy Explanation👌)


    Confusing your data lakes with actual lakes? Not sure how much land you need for the data warehouse? You have come to the right place my friend.
    In this concept buster video, let me explain what Data base, data warehouse and data lake are and how they connect / differ?

    ⏱In this video 👉
    0:00 – Intro & Databases
    1:38 – Data warehouse
    2:28 – Why can’t we use DB for reporting?
    3:09 – ETL, how data goes from DB to DWH
    4:05 – What is a Data Lake?
    5:46 – Examples of DB, DWH & DL
    6:43 – How to access data in DB, DWH & DL?

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    1. Hi Chandoo,
      thanks for your explanation!
      I am looking for literature, which shows more detailed processes and roles for Data Warehouse and Data Lakes, highlighting the challenges for each role in the data management.
      Example: What are the challenges for a Data Engineer, Analyst, Scientist, … in a Data Warehouse or in a Data Lake.
      Can you suggest any kind of literature source for this kind of information?

    2. Hi, your video is very clear to understand the basics… but still I have question, please clarify.
      1) why can't ETL take the source table and target table in the databases itself to create reporting or historical data table. Why we need to load into another database and call it as Data warehouse? Is there any significant difference like performance or something? Please explain this part… you explained "Why we are using each type", but I want you to cover why can't we use one instead of other. Eg., why cant we use create historical table in databases itself, why we need data warehouse separately. What is the special thing to go to DW instead of DB… also "why DL? And why can't DW?"