Ketamine Infusions & Hallucinating | Snip-it from Interview | RSD/CRPS

This is a short clip from the full interview. The original/full interview was a lengthy one so I thought I would cut it into snip-it’s to make it easier to watch in parts. I hope you guys like this idea, please let me know if not. Otherwise I have many more to come along the way! Including a clip that was NEVER SHOWN in the full interview so stay tuned for more!!

In this specific snip-it, Dr. Leverone and I discuss the reality behind what some may experience as hallucinations or disassociation during and after a Ketamine infusion.

Full Interview available here:

My Story:

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  1. Hey buddy, I have the darn flu. Yes i heard that to.There's a lot of side effects to everything. I want to try it but can't afford to travel there.I won't go here there way behind. Thank-you for up loading it again. I hope your doing ok. I will talk with you soon. Have a good day! Say hello to your wife and I hope she's feeling better with everything your both going through.Thank-you for your hard work you have been doing.I posted this on my facebook. Trying to get others to go to your channel.Thanks to this Dr.for what your doing for us.

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