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Ketamine Infusions & Hallucinating | Snip-it from Interview | RSD/CRPS


This is a short clip from the full interview. The original/full interview was a lengthy one so I thought I would cut it into snip-it’s to make it easier to watch in parts. I hope you guys like this idea, please let me know if not. Otherwise I have many more to come along the way! Including a clip that was NEVER SHOWN in the full interview so stay tuned for more!!

In this specific snip-it, Dr. Leverone and I discuss the reality behind what some may experience as hallucinations or disassociation during and after a Ketamine infusion.

Full Interview available here: https://youtu.be/h1GDIpFXAHw

My Story: https://youtu.be/EP8tuFqcLCM

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