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  1. Your right 100 that sh!t was flipped. That's why it didn't make sense watching what they first uploaded.

  2. 59:50 see her nose bleeding''big lip an her eye on our right is bruised ''shes been beaten up ''an yes she was running an got caught

  3. I remember watching the footage and it looks like as if you can hear someone opened packages like they put it in a drink and if you pay attention and kept looking in a certain area I did notice when I saw the video before looks like a girl sitting in the chair that looks like Kenneka with another girl sitting on top of her and it look like the girl has her hand around Kanika like she's hugging over there's also looks like she's choking her

  4. somebody is behind her in that hall way walking holding her neck.. she look like she try to get away but the person all in black behind her holding her..where her tuts at thats a arm

  5. walking down the hall she have no watch on but the one she coming out the elv she have one on.

  6. Kenneka was surrounded by All of those Demons. Sooo called Jealous Friends. Who already had this All planned for her. Bcs they new they couldn’t get her if she was sober. Her hair was messed up, looks like they ripped her extensions out, face bruises, clothes missing. Monifah at one point was walking around w a wig in her hand. Do u remember that footage. Come on. They Tortured her beyond anything. Thirsty Devils. Such a Precious Soul Taken Away. Disturbing to The Soul. Rest Peacefully KJ 🙏🏼 💛 keep up w the great findings. Bcs you are not giving up. Stay Blessed 🙏🏼🧿🥰 They will All Pay. Karma is gng to serve them All what they deserve…

  7. Rob, with his dumb ass laugh was there and gave her the drink. I swear she said, "Rob what is this?" When she drank out the cup.

  8. NOw that I think about it. hey could have took pictures unconsious and pasted some of them in the edited footage???

  9. I think she was sitn on the chair and the girl( with flower jacket) that broke down in the lobby was sitn on her lap. Who was this girl? and what does she kniw because she NEVER was identified.

  10. It looks like somebody git snatched and thats why Monifah and those other girls are looking at. IJS

  11. I just wanna know does anyone remember KJ going live before all of this with a yellow top on. She was moving around outside and in a building. She was seriously reading the comments. She look terrified 😨 and scared. She looked stressed out like her life was being threatened. She kept saying mannnnn etc. I really believe that's where all this started from. Baby girl was shook.

  12. It was said from beginning of the case in 2017 a dude was tryna Holla at kenneka and she didn't want to she was talkn to much noise to the wrong dude n it went from there

  13. Think she was beat up n eyes swollen on here n trying to see her way but somebody kept coming in bothering her tryna show her where to go.

  14. At 49:56 they look far apart due to how the window was made. Plus Kenneka is closer to the Window. A good example I came up with is that when you are driving in a car and you pass glass stores, etc., it makes it look like your vehicle is longer than it is. Just my opinion.

  15. You so silly throw her in the closet and forget about her 😂🥂💜💜💜💜👍👍

  16. Every last one of Kenneka friends was invole even Kenneka ex boy friend baby momma. They think they got away what they done, Not so this show just beginning. The truth is coming out.who going to have the last laugh. What's get me about all this. How her friends set her up. They though that serect will stay a secret. Not in God eyes.

  17. Hi Treg ? On 1:16, the split face edit…look closely , you can see a side profile of a person. Looks like a white male – see the nose bridge and see eye.

    Just caught that, maybe you did too in that darker shadowed box.

  18. Wasn't she ready to go shortly after arriving? " I'm ready to go" …she didn't look like she was feeling this from the beginning…
    I think she got a vibe as soon as they walked in the hotel.

  19. Right!! On them shoes…. they messed up too because we can see her foot behind that cover up! She is missing shoe for sure! Wow ! She was hurt not just drugged walking stumbling in hall way,, Treg .
    Woooooo , my heart is hurting looking at this girl suffering 😪

  20. Hey Treg and Treggang family! Wow its really really deep…just when you think it's one thing its 10! But loving the analysis 👌the truth coming out!
    Bless u 🙏 and thanks for sharing!! J4K

    Hats off Treg!

  21. After the girl comes out the bathroom and say I’m gonna give this (drink) to that girl over there and then you hear another girl say what girl who brought her ? and you see kenneka what was that about I’m wondering 💭 🤔

  22. Did yall see the foot walking in the back to the kitchen on camera when kj and her friends coming in , was a fast walk

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