Karl Jenkins - " THE ARMED MAN "  Benedictus

“THE ARMED MAN” v. Karl Jenkins – Benedictus
Ausführende: Landesjugendchor Voices,
Männerchor Götzis,
Kammerchor Vocale Neuburg,
Projektorchester unter der Leitung von Oskar Egle
Aufgenommen am 21.04.2012 in Götzis, Vorarlberg


31 thoughts on “Karl Jenkins – " THE ARMED MAN " Benedictus”
  1. Audience coughing at concerts should be punishable. So many people work so hard to produce this music. Stay home!

  2. This is the most evocative music I have ever heard, as funeral celebrant I use it for every funeral and it is hard not to shed a tear when I hear it. I had the pleasure only a few weeks ago to soo Karl Jenkins perform this music accompanied by Manchester Choral Society – pure magic

  3. Whoever are playing the wind instrument known classically as the "Cough" need to conduct themselves

  4. Lyrics:

    Benedictus / Benedictus

    Qui venit in nomine domini

    Benedictus / Benedictus

    Qui venit in nomine domini

    Hosanna in excelsis (repeated)

  5. I have one 'problem' with this piece of music, when the music starts the tears flow, even now trying to type this is not easy. I'm in a choir and I couldn't sing this due to my sobbing.

  6. I learned this song in my choral society group having done all of handels messiah and all of vivaldi this is by far the most hauntingly beautiful I have had the pleasure to be part of on stage ❤

  7. God put this song in the composers heart to see what he would do with it. Someday, we will hear an orchestra and choir of angels perform this work, all to the glory of our creator.

  8. A very moving piece of music . And a favourite of a very special friend of mine. Brings me to tears every time i listen to it . Thank you AKS.

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