Kafka Tutorial - Spring Boot Microservices

Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform used by thousands of companies for high-performance data pipelines.

In this Kafka Tutorial you will learn how to get up and running Kafka, Configure topics, Producers and Consumer.

We will use Spring Boot and build a Restful API that will integrate with Kafka eco system.

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⭐ Table Of Contents ⭐
00:00 – Intro
01:17 – Quick Word
02:19 – Kafka
10:22 – Kafka Broker
15:22 – Bootstrap Project
17:33 – Topic
20:38 – Producer Config
26:41 – Kafka Template
30:26 – Kafka Consumer
34:33 – Consumer Config
39:59 – @KafkaListener
44:03 – Restful API and Kafka
48:39 – Spring Kafka Documentation
49:53 – Outro

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34 thoughts on “Kafka Tutorial – Spring Boot Microservices”
  1. should be @RequestMapping("/api/v1/messages") instead of @RequestMapping("api/v1/messages")? Otherwise, how can it be runnable?

  2. How about based on Intellij community rather than Intelklij Ultimate? generated-requests.http is not generally supported in Intellij community.

  3. Could you please make a video on jasperReport reporting with spring framework and Angular?

  4. Hi Nelson. I would really want you to post some great content about websockets, because I think this topic is really interesting for almost every beginner. So would appreciate it!

  5. You have fixed the price of content in terms of dollars, which might be budget-friendly to your viewers from from developed countries in Europe and USA. However, the same price could be very high and out of budget for a lot of needy people, who love ot watch your content on youtube, and willing to enroll into your full course.
    You should think about it.
    I am from India, and been willing to enroll into your courses, but due to price constraint, I am unable to do so….
    You can reach to mass viewers from India, if you revise the price and start accepting in local currencies as well.

  6. A great kafka introduction like other courses from Amigoscode. Thanks Nelson for it !!!

  7. Hi, Great Video as always! Hope you can create a video for Spring Integration Framwork with Kafka.

  8. 37: 38 Correct me if I'm wrong, but in order to Spring can discover and use the custom KafkaListenerContainerFactory you specified, by deafult

    the bean name must be as kafkaListenerContainerFactory (not factory), otherwise it won't be picked up by the application context and none of

    the specified serializers and deserializer for consumers will be applied, but default KafkaListenerContainerFactory instance with default SerDes instead.

  9. trying to find myself the solution to a project and here comes amigoscode to the rescue! ^^

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