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Out now! A complete 23.5 hours course teaching you Docker & Kubernetes from the ground up!
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50 thoughts on “Join Now! Docker & Kubernetes – The Complete Guide (New Course)”
  1. Hi Max and all of you from Academind, are you going to add Italian subtitles to your course? and also to that js?

  2. Hello Max ^
    I have enrolled in this Docker course, and it's awesome !
    I'm wondering do you have in mind making the course about Github Actions?

  3. Hello Max thanks for your outstanding courses❤… could you please made a tutorial for json specification.

  4. Max your method of teaching is incredible. I've bought about 8 of your courses on Udemy without hesitation. This course came in like a miracle because just a week ago, I checked to see if you had a docker course but I was disappointed to find none. I just bought the course and I'm super excited. I don't know how to express this immense appreciation I have but I will just say, Thanks a lot Maximilian!

  5. It's an awesome course and my first course on udemy. A little disappointing is that no 1080p just 720p on udemy website. Hmm…

  6. Just purchased this course. Looking forward to going through this extensive course — hopefully can finish it within a month.

  7. Already purchased max…ur a miracle. Currently working on a mern app and was looking for a way to dockerize and deploy it..

    Please look into Django next…

  8. I was asking for this course 2 years ago, now after having worked in industry for 2 years, im trying to learn event driven arhitecture (event bus) and utilisation of kafka. I hope Max will catch up sooner :). I will still buy your course, to see if there is something i've missed regarding kubernetes and docker

  9. Just completed this course and it was awsome, just kidding, I'm still trying to complete another udemy course from Max, he add so much details that an 40 hours course takes a over 1 month a least for you to pickup all details, so like he says, you will learn. Will get this in 2021, guarantee quality training for sure.

  10. Jesus Christ you pumping out these courses one after another…. I thought you'd take a break after Vue 3. what a dedication

  11. Bought it without thinking twice, just $10 for so much quality content to get up to speed with Docker is a no brainer, thank you Max

  12. Love your courses, Max! Question: I previously enrolled in Bret Fisher's Docker Mastery course on Udemy (sorry to plug another instructor) but I only just started it. I'm mostly interested in working with the MERN stack. I guess my question is: Will I find your new course more applicable (i.e. better suited for full-stack JavaScript developers)?

  13. Thanks for the cool course max! I will definitely buy it !! I would love to see any course related in vue/typescript/testing or vue full stack.

  14. Bought the course and previewed a few lessons already. Looking great! Thanks for the discount, Max!

  15. Hey Max.big fan from India. Your fan since you have launched your react course. Following you from the very beginning of my professional career ❤️🙏

  16. Thank you much, good to see this course available in Udemy too. So we can buy and enroll this course in Udemy. We're happy because in my country, Udemy supporting other payment than credit card , ie bank transfer, doku payment, or buy it via convenience store.

  17. I bought it right away, without thinking 🙂 I have long wanted to learn Docker deeper, and courses from Academind are always great! This is a good reason for me to finally dive into this topic.

  18. The first course of yours that I bought was Flutter and it was simply perfect. Never seen someone so commited to details, and to updating the whole content periodically and for free as well.
    I've just purchased this one, even though I won't have available time to start for now.
    Thank you very much for your contributions and please, never stop!

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