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🔥Intellipaat Jenkins course:
In this Jenkins tutorial for beginners you will learn what is Jenkins, how you can do continuous integration using the Jenkins tool and also how to create a CI/CD Pipeline from scratch.
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📝Following topics are covered in this video:
00:44 Why do we need CI?
04:24 What is Continuous Integration?
07:51 What is Jenkins CI?
08:24 Setting up Jenkins
13:20 Jenkins Master Slave Architecture
15:00 Creating Jenkins Master Slave on AWS
25:43 Triggering CI/CD Jobs using Git Webhook

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Why should you watch this What is Jenkins video?

DevOps is one of the top technologies offering high-paying jobs. Continiuous Integration is an integral part of the Devops Lifecycle. Jenkins is the most widely used tool to implement Continuous Integration.

What is included in this Jenkins continuous integration tutorial?

You will find that this devops Jenkins video has been structured keeping in mind a top-down approach of the topic.

Why do we need CI?
What is Continuous Integration?
What is Jenkins CI?
Setting up Jenkins tool
Jenkins Master Slave Architecture
Creating Jenkins Master Slave on AWS
Triggering CI/CD Jobs using Git Webhook

Who is eligible to watch this Jenkins training video?

This What is Jenkins video is both for experienced and freshers who want to move in the Devops domain.
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36 thoughts on “Jenkins Tutorial for Beginners | Jenkins Tutorial | Intellipaat”
  1. Guys, which technology you want to learn from Intellipaat? Comment down below and let us know so we can create in depth video tutorials for you.:)

  2. how to create aws instances connected with jenkins and provide steps?and how to login through rdp or putty ?

  3. 25:30 you will tell don't close the slave server after it connects with the agent. So how we support to create an automated pipeline because we always need to open the slave server 🧐. if there is any way to wake up the connection ??

  4. This tutorial is amazing.. but I got one problem. I set both my jenkins master and salve on GCS Compute Engine. After registering my slave node through excuting commad line on putty or mobaxterm(SSH), when I turned off mobaxterm, slave connection was also disconnected ..
    How could I make this connection be kept after turning off ssh connection.

  5. Thanks the knowledge share, keep up the good work ^^
    – For correction "production" on 41:41 & 41:52 refer to the image "name" not the container
    – The video is quite informative, but can be improved/timely-optimized by cutting the repetitive cmd typos (…etc) out of the video

  6. very nice demo and I following your demo successfully build first Pipeline….
    Many thanks for such video… bro can u make more videos with Nodejs and java file..
    It would be very big help ….thanks in advance

  7. @intellipaat In the end you have used the repo to push the file to trigger the job but the password is unknown so unable to follow that step

  8. Got below error while adding slave to master, after running command

    INFO: Remoting server accepts the following protocols: [JNLP4-connect, Ping]

    Apr 30, 2020 4:56:48 PM org.jenkinsci.remoting.engine.JnlpAgentEndpointResolver isPortVisible

    WARNING: connect timed out

    Apr 30, 2020 4:56:48 PM hudson.remoting.jnlp.Main$CuiListener error

    SEVERE: provided port:43431 is not reachable provided port:43431 is not reachable

    at org.jenkinsci.remoting.engine.JnlpAgentEndpointResolver.resolve(

    at hudson.remoting.Engine.innerRun(



    Please help on this ASAP.
    Thank you

  9. It would be nice if u guys respond not only to positive but also those share their problems in Jenkins 🙂 …. Anyway the video is useful and kudos intellipaaat

  10. When I close my putty instance my connection to my agents via Jenkins is lost. This means every time I want to have my Jenkins nodes connected I have to always connect to by servers via putty and Run the Jenkins run agent command. Please tell me there is a easier way.

  11. I tried so many videos to learn CI CD pipeline but this video is awesome for me. Thanks Intellipaat

  12. @intellipaat : if we have 1000 number of servers … then do we need 1000 slaves ??? this does not seems to be correct . It would mean managing 1000 slaves and how to manage such a huge slaves in a proper fashion / manner to be easliy navigate ??

  13. Hi Team,

    I have installed Jenkin on ubuntu.. but I am not able to connect to Jenkin UI from my remote windows machine. Both machines are in the same network and ufw status is inactive.. can you please help

  14. Error: Unable to access jarfile agent.jar
    When i installed open jdk in both the slave and trying to execute the command getting above message. Please help me to resolve this error.

  15. ERROR: Error cloning remote repo 'origin' Finished: FAILURE

    When I tried building using invoke top level maven targets Kindly help me I am new to jenkins

  16. Following topics are covered in this video:

    00:44 Why do we need CI?

    04:24 What is Continuous Integration?

    07:51 What is Jenkins CI?

    08:24 Setting up Jenkins

    13:20 Jenkins Master Slave Architecture

    15:00 Creating Jenkins Master Slave on AWS

    25:43 Triggering CI/CD Jobs using Git Webhook

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