Jenkins complete tutorial for beginners | Java Developer | Java Techie

This video will explain you from scratch
1)What is Jenkins ?
2)Why we need Jenkins ?
3)Continuous Integration work flow
4)How to install Jenkins in Windows ?
5)Jenkins continuous integration with GitHub
6)How to get notification for each build ?
7)How to create Jenkins Continuous delivery pipeline using build plugin pipeline with Real time example

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26 thoughts on “Jenkins complete tutorial for beginners | Java Developer | Java Techie”
  1. Bro can you make video with same topic up to docker
    Every commit how images manages how old images deleted and created new images with new commit

  2. I have monolithic spring boot web application and I have deployed on Apache server but it's performance very slow when load dashboard and any other how can I increase performance of my application.please tell me

  3. This playlist has cleared my doubt. Thanks a lot JavaTechie. Please make video on Kubernetes

  4. Have a great session sir. I have a question like if master branch has multiple projects, then how to configure one project among them in Jenkin. eg. master branch has 3 project like A, B and C. i need to configure Project A in Jenkin. How do I do that?

  5. Man u are helping me a lot for my software project in a new company, thank you word is not enough for u, so I subscribed ur channel. Thank u so much 🙏

  6. I wish there were teachers like you in colleges…..
    Your explanation is mind blowing awesome……

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