Is the Business Analyst Job Right for You? – 8 quick ways to find out now! #businessanalyst


    Find out today if the business analyst career is right for you! With this video I will share 8 quicks questions you can ask yourself to find out if business analyst job is a good fit for your personality and likes.

    Before you do the next course, before you invest your time and before you spend all this money – watch this video to know if you will enjoy business analysis, if you will like doing what business analyst do everyday and get a glimpse of the life as a business analyst to see if it is something you can see yourself working in as your career.
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    Hi I’m Karaleise and I help people to start and grow their business analyst careers.
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    This channel covers the business analyst career. You can grow your career by knowing what a business analyst does day to day. CareerForce also has a great discussion on a day in the life of a business analyst.

    You can find help here on business analyst interview questions and answers

    Get a look into business analyst day in the life

    Find out about business anlyst roles and responsibilities

    You can also answer questions on business analysis skills and job opportunities.

    I have done videos that help you prepare for the business analyst interview by giving you the questions likely to be asked when looking for a business analyst job.

    There is resume help so you can refine your business anlyst resume

    Also business analysis case studies and how to take a problem and apply your business analysis skills to solve it

    And a whole lot more… Thanks for watching Karaleise | Business Analyst Training!


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    1. Thank you so much for this great video! It’s so helpful for me to make sure if I’ll be a fit for BA role. ✅ ✅ tick yes! I seem to be a good fit for BA! Love you videos as they’re so practically helpful.
      BTW I am a Chinese having lived in Australia Sydney for 18 years. It’s quite interesting to me when you mentioned your experience of modifying the way of making Jiaozi (dumpling) 😊. I think a lot of things have been evolving including those existed for thousand years 😇.

    2. Beautiful soul in and out. You are very articulate and people like you make the black race proud. You conveyed your real-life experiences in a relatable way not in rigid way. I feel convinced about pursuing this career path, I also feel I am a perfect fit especially as it relates to process improvement and work flow. God bless you. You are the best.

    3. Thank you so much for this video! I’m a former teacher looking to change careers, and one of my friends who works for a large tech company suggested Business Analyst to me. I had been looking at becoming a Data Analyst, but everything you said in this video explained me to a T! I can feel confident pursuing a career in BA! I really appreciate you taking the time to do this 😁

    4. Excellent video. I am a VERY strong on 6 out of 8 of the factors. I am OK with change happening to me but don't mind being a change agent. My writing is not bad, but not world class either.

      I had no idea that there was actually a job out there tailor made to my strengths.

      At my previous job, I was a shuttle driver for corporate employees working a split shift. During my mid day break, I would spend time talking to the executive staff, sales, accounting, dispatchers, mechanics, wash crew, etc. and ask them very detailed questions about their jobs and how they fit into the company's mission.

      This was all driven by my natural curiosity. I literally had no agenda. Based upon the information I gathered, I submitted a few reports to the CEO of the company and a few of them were implemented.

      I would also go one step beyond and suggest that you actually be interested in business. Perhaps an individual possesses all of these traits but finds the world of business off putting or boring.


    5. Maybe it wasn't that great of an example to begin with, but I'm Chinese and I accept change more than my peers. What you brought up was Chinese culture, and it doesn't have to do with being adverse to change. It is about preserving the history of the technique that is rooted in respect and generational heritage. For instance, it is rude to stare directly at someone in the face in some cultures. They're not rejecting change off the bat by not staring a Westerner in the face. No, they have their own culture that needs to be considered. I'm sure you and your family have food from your culture as well that is prepared a certain way. Folding a dumpling wrong in China is the equivalent of ruining a traditional family recipe, and learning how to do it the correct way is respecting someone's culture while also gaining a new skill which references back to you saying you enjoy learning about new things.

    6. Hi Kara. Thank you so much for this wonderful video! I truly feel that I was divinely guided to it. This is just what I was looking for, a chance to get some true insight into the soft skills and personality traits needed to be successful in this position before investing the time and money into course work. Very valuable! 😃❤ Keep up the great work!

    7. I was already drawn into your channel because you were a black woman with experience in a career I am interested in. But finding out you're Jamaican was the cherry on top . I was considering becoming a data analyst, but this video makes me think I'm better suited for business analytics. Thank you for this refreshing content 🖤🇯🇲

    8. Ha, ha! I must be a good fit for business analyst because when Kara was talking about sitting in the doctors office analyzing the T.V. show selection, and the lack of chair to take off her shoes, I was analyzing her analysis and coming up with reasons why they may have made those decisions!

    9. Coming from operations management and 3 years into my career, I'm looking for the next step. My background is not technical and I was worried not having that aspect would make my transition more difficult. But after listening to a few of your videos, I'm finding alternative ways my background ties into business analysis and feeling more confident investing in this career path. Thank you so much for being a resource, much appreciated!