Inventory and Playbooks - Aruba Bots Ansible Series 02

In this video you’ll learn about how to create an inventory in Ansible, as well as how to write and execute a playbook using the ArubaOS-Switch modules!

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00:36 Basic Concepts
03:14 Inventory Breakdown
06:21 Creating an Inventory Demo
07:17 Playbook Breakdown
09:04 Aruba Switching Modules Documentation
09:45 Writing a Playbook Demo

Aruba Switching Ansible Modules Github:

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5 thoughts on “Inventory and Playbooks – Aruba Bots Ansible Series 02”
  1. Question – After you issue the playbook command on ansible to write the config changes ,and after its done writing the changes on the switch , does it save (write mem) the config automatically? Like how we do manually ??? On the switch

  2. Very informative stuff. Thanks. I noticed the inventory and playbooks use rest interface to communicate with the hosts as well as to push the commands. How about using SSH for connecting and the traditional CLI-style to configure the devices. Is it possible? Do we have Aruba modules that support this? I assume that if I change ansible_connection from "local" to "network_cli", I should be able to enforce the ansible control machine to use SSH to connect to remote hosts. However, after successful connection, how would I define the plays in my playbook to execute the tasks that I intend to push to those remote hosts? I am just curious.

  3. Thank you, very informative. Could you let me know the Aruba reset manager password command to use on Ansible please?

  4. Thank you! Very informative. How do you have both switches connected to your system running the commands? How many switches can you have at once? It seems you can configure 10 at a time if you really wanted, no?

  5. Thanks, very helpful!
    May be if you were to change from cutting videos to 3-5 seconds chunks to more continuous flow information would be easier to digest?
    You still can cut out any moments unrelated to aruba-ansible-modules, but while creating a certain file could you keep it end-to-end solid?

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