Introduction to AWS Lambda & Serverless Applications


In this session we take a high-level overview of Lambda, a serverless compute platform that has changed the way that developers around the world build applications. We explore how Lambda works under the hood, the capabilities it has, and how it is used. Join expert guest Chris Munns, Principal Developer Advocate of Serverless Applications, and by the end of this talk you’ll know how to create Lambda based applications and deploy and manage them easily.

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  2. How to compare cheap $5/mo shared host LAMP vs AWS Serverless? Sure there's pros/cons, but I can get a decent web app up and running super. Scaling is different as well as network security, identity, logging, etc but super simple and fast and easy.

    I like AWS serverless and its place in the AWS world, but not sure I'm sold on it yet. I guess it depends on cost and needs.