Introduction to AWS CloudFormation

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AWS CloudFormation is a infrastructure provisioning and management tool that provides you the ability to create resource templates that specifies a set of AWS resources to provision. The templates allow you to version control your infrastructure, and also easily replicate your infrastructure stack quickly and with repeatability.


20 thoughts on “Introduction to AWS CloudFormation”
  1. The good news is that CF is free and you only pay for the actually used resources. Nice video

  2. what do people expect: Free cloud?? banks on a cloud? everything free? The system doesnt work like that. I just avoid spending money and i have to suck up all the ads and annoying marketing pressure.

  3. in days before cloud bullshit u jsut asked devs for code and you had already setup everythign and used 1 palc for data not liek 4 and ran for year no problem

  4. devops like agile is a poorly executed scam pushed by offshore ussury from silicon valley oracel microsft amazon appel facebook twitter n rest of ad money scammers ubt good paltform engineering never will die this is a ll junky overcomplxity on top of bsd or linux

  5. gosh this womans snarky east coaster voice is horrid get a nice british accent u cheap asses

  6. why not skip docker and just have deiscipline with devs and a good data strategy? postgresql and php can probly beat most modenr bs with same $$ inputs

  7. archlinux or freebsd can give you the platform u dont need any of cloud stuff its all marketing bs

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