Introduction to AppDynamics

Benefits and functionality of Application Performance Monitoring with AppDynamics.

A deep dive into the AppDynamics Controller highlighting the functionality including application mapping, code level drill down, and the robust analytics capabilities provided out of the box.


12 thoughts on “Introduction to AppDynamics”
  1. Hi there , I am looking for a Appdynamics detailed video covering Configuration, admin stuff.
    Please help !

  2. no one tells how to connect my web site with appdynamics… how to get started.. can u pls help regarding this

  3. explanation is very very good, i swear to god but the thing is u haven`t said about the installation and integration.

  4. Excellent overview. Relevant examples and very little fluff. Some actual customer results/success would have been a bonus.

  5. Too many screens to traverse for deep dive or to get to required information. Gives a feeling of 'complex to use' at the first look.

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