Introduction to Apache Kafka by James Ward


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    Apache Kafka has emerged as a next generation event streaming system to connect our distributed systems through fault tolerant and scalable event-driven architectures. Now open source through Apache, Kafka is being used by numerous large enterprises for a variety of use cases. This session will introduce the basics of Kafka and walk through some code examples that will show how to begin using it


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    1. I'm confused. These comments seem to contradict each other:

      @40:34 – A source is something that produces events, and the sink is something that consumes the event.

      @44:58 – I create a plainSink which is… my sink is going to be the way that I get messages into Kafka.

      @45:34 – code comments:

      // sink is incoming driver messages

      // source is outgoing rider messages

    2. WTF doesn't either Devoxx or the author add a link theiir slides here in the description?

      anyone know where to this presentation?

      And the first idiot who says "just google it motherf**ker" is getting throat-punched by a 7'9 275lb black man named Tyrone.

      I won't even have to pay him, he does it as a public service