Introduction to Ansible Playbooks (and demonstration)

In this video, we will discuss key playbook concepts and build upon our Ad-Hoc demonstration by creating a basic playbook.

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25 thoughts on “Introduction to Ansible Playbooks (and demonstration)”
  1. Boring but useful. Can Red Hat hire someone with a less Karen ambience. No offence to Karens here 😉

  2. Decent overview, but doesn't really help with the fact that ansible has been the same bad tool for ~8 years now, and with IBM at the helm is anyone expecting improvement?

  3. wow, great content, great presenter, and obviously you have great production/video skills

  4. Hello Red Hat Video.

    when execute in mode verbose feature error:

    fatal: []: FAILED! => {
    "changed": false,
    "invocation": {
    "module_args": {
    "msg": "Tarefa Ansible Terminada",
    "msg_format": "plain",
    "msg": "failed to send message, return status=404",
    "telegram_error": "Not Found"

  5. Hello, Red Hat Vídeo.

    I need help please. When execute archive extension .yml as integration telegram module features

    "msg": "failed to send message, return status=404", "telegram_error": "Not Found"}

  6. Hello Michelle Perz.

    i need of help for integration Ansbile more Telegram for send notifications
    I'm open one new archive example: Send_Notification.yml

    -name: Send Notification
    token: "bot+id"
    chat_id: id chat or group
    msg: " Notification Infraestructure

    Running application as Send_Notifications.yml –syntax-check

    [Warning] Ignoring invalid attribute ….

    Go verify link
    Version Installed –

  7. This is very helpful from RedHat. Rolling out a tool without comprehensive tutorials will make such tool extinct.

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