Interview with a Senior Python Developer in 2022 - Part1

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Interview with a Senior Python developer in 2022 with Dr. Harris Dlacc – aired on © 2022 The Python.

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23 thoughts on “Interview with a Senior Python Developer in 2022 – Part1”
  1. 4:30 When you're in doubt whether or not you did `pyenv version` before doing `virtualenv` and `pip install`.

  2. Ugghhhh the moment of searching for the current versions in terminal made me itchy sweat

  3. "virtualenv or pipenv or pyenv or conda, easy_install. Best to use venv though. We use virtualenv" 🙂 Hahaha :))

  4. "Critique for not using vectors. Happend to me several times in a row" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Just brilliant. Keep it up

  5. "When you write a loop in python, what happens under the hood is…" – quote you''l hear a lot when talking about python, because everything happens under several layers of abstraction 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Honestly… even though I've been an avid Python user for 4 years now, this made me laugh so hard and remember the pain at the same time!
    Really good video, the thing about so many different venv tools, lmao I couldn't agree more
    I just stick with using `pip` now, preinstalled and eh, easy enough to use.

  7. Poor video editing. Why zooming in and out? I feel like sleeping just after watching this video. it will have been better if it was an audio podcast

  8. Multithreading is meant for everyone but not everyone is meant for multi-threading. Have to +1 for that.

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