Install Chrome using PowerShell in Windows 10

In this video, I show you how to install Chrome using Powershell in Windows 10. I recently slipstreamed the most minimal Windows 10 out there… and deleted Internet Explorer/Edge from Windows. This is how I installed a Web browser without having one first.

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49 thoughts on “Install Chrome using PowerShell in Windows 10”
  1. Ah exchanging windows spyware with google spyware. You've gone from square 1 and took a massive leap to square 1.

  2. no signal detection of wifi network after complete removal of windows components and installing a driver too, HELP!

  3. How to automate the the opening of any website in Google Chrome through Powershell script

  4. I can open the page I want, but I can't get the tab recorded. (execute ctrl + s) through powershell.

  5. Chris, we need a Slipstreamed Windows 10 guide…NOWWWWWW!! 💪💪💪💪👍👍👍

  6. I can now safely say, Edge is 100% useless now. Earlier we had to use it to download Chrome. :-p

  7. Google is coming to an end, because its losing the way in providing non-biased information to the public, due mostly in part to the massive funding received by the advertisers.

  8. Why use power shell when have command prompt i dont see difference between that 2 program everything can do in both

  9. Hey Chris cool vid , how do we get a vanilla windows install as demonstrated here – please share 🙂 have a great one , and keep up with the subtle jokes I love it !!!! keep smiling

  10. Now show us how to uninstall Chrome and install a good browser. 🙂

    (Sent from Google Chrome on Windows 10 because my company apparently hates Linux and loves Google stealing our data).

  11. An even more interesting vídeo would be your experiences in a super thin Windows 10 environment and the pros/cons i would be looking forward to that one

  12. There are some things that just aren't supposed to happen or aren't meant to be done. Mimicking Linux by using terminal/poweshell to install stuff on Windows is one such thing😀

  13. You put a lot of faith in Google. Google Chrome sure does install nice in all systems. We've been using it for over 10 years on Linux through the terminal, never liked Chromium. Nice showing of the Power Shell, haven't seen many people use it. Of course this will work with Firefox just as well for a more secure browser.

  14. I sure hope cyberpunk 2077 runs on proton, otherwise i still need to have windows on my drive 🙁

  15. its not too often i see new tricks , that's good … the trick with windows to get minimal start (+ drivers to run games) is to make a custom "safe mode boot" rather than removing bloot… i don't mess with it much anymore because the performance difference are +/- 2% …. but i would suggest to every one, to manually boot windows 10 for fastest boot , "make a copy of windows partition before playing around -= you have been warned -=) is to run " msconfig or services" and disable unused or unneeded services , and how minimal you want windows to be , ( note: turn on auto logon before disabling user account's servis ) i got windows 10 17xx to boot at about 1.1GB ram , and booted about 13's sec faster than stock boot … im over the bs now im older , i sill set most services to manual boot, but this took some time for me to figure out , " i use a home network / i tether " that manual servis would not start and had to set some to auto" my current setup boots at 2.1GB ram .. " i like cortana and voice control – hands free operations – the only reason i use windows over linux "

  16. I recommend Windows 10 LTSC 2019, my boot times are 3x faster and got ram consumption reduced by 1gb in idle

  17. Wow, that's just a complicated mess. Goes to show that Linux is as simple as a sudo apt-get google-chrome on Debian based distros at least.

  18. I have chrome and other browser setup on a usb so i just plug in and install chrome or firefox

  19. Glad I watched the video to get some context. Just reading the title I was like why?

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