In an 80 minute game, Pudge is immortal

In this video from Jenkins’ stream, he plays a 1 and a half hour game as Pudge verse megas in an 8k MMR game and wins. Because Pudge is OP.

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42 thoughts on “In an 80 minute game, Pudge is immortal”
  1. Playing herald drunk? As an ow player I play diamond drunk and that's the equivalent of legend/ancient

  2. Я думалыеселое противовосполительнеи течича и пцдда, но нет, течис ноль

  3. Make more content mate i just started watching yesterday and about to finish all lol

  4. If you asked me who's more likely to settle with fing their firends in costumes… Jenkins would be on top there, right along Mason.
    Luki can pull of 90% of woman with moderate effort.

  5. I played recently and got deja vu by this clip but instead of pudge the off was mars. wk and the Elder also died by techis bomb at mid

  6. @80:23 pudge the immortal died, that’s just 23 seconds after your claim Jenkins…….. wtf.

  7. This is why once I make hood, I go for agh's, then overwhelming blink and heart. I am basically owning even the carries after that.

  8. I haven't played Dota in a long while now, but doesn't tide still have automatic dispel on him? This dude keeps ulti-ing tide out of all heroes in the game every fight, and the best I could tell, tide dispels it every time and gets free positioning for ravage. Wut?

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