Ian Blackford Trolls Boris Johnson And Tories With Monty Python Reference!

Ian Blackford, the head of the SNP in the House of Commons, trolled both Boris Johnson and his party by suggesting they have been cheering him on, and that the Prime Minister is acting like the Black Knight from Monty Python when he says “it is but a flesh wound”.

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37 thoughts on “Ian Blackford Trolls Boris Johnson And Tories With Monty Python Reference!”
  1. This summer i shall visit Scotland for the first time in my life. I feel i'll like it a lot. I hope to find a welcoming people. As a portuguese myself i pride on being from a friendly welcoming people toward foreigners. More than hotels and landscapes, my biggest enjoyment in traveling is to meet other people.

  2. Ian Blackford is right, the Westminister system doesn't work at all anymore, it allows 40% of the people be 100% reperesented, it needs changing, and it seems that any party on the oposition side would change it, were they to govern the UK, I just wish that can happen before Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, or Cornwall declare independance from the last vestiges of the United Kingdom

  3. Ian Blackford is brilliant.
    I really wish that he was Labour leader, advocating for the benefits of EU membership. Our countries could do so much as a genuine union of equals and someone like him in charge.

    Westminster and our awful electoral system warps and corrupts politics in the UK so much that there is no chance of improving things for all.
    Mhairi Black was right when she said that she didn't leave Labour. Labour left her.

    Looking forward to the day that I can move to Scotland and be (mostly) free of Tory scum.

  4. The strange thing is that BloJo is going to be blamed by historians for destroying the UK….

    He might mange to be the UK's LAST Prime Minister, if he can cling cling to office until the next Scottish referendum on independence….

  5. The ERG and Brexit are only thing keeping Boris Johnson in number 10. That’s why any common sense negotiations with the EU are a no go , as the Tories are only interested in the hardest form of Brexit possible and totally isolationist .
    Sadly these policies are to the detriment of the UK and even a blind man can see that now . Even some Tory MP’s !


    I want to see Robert Mercer & his henchman Steve Bannon convicted for crimes against humanity.

    His money & influence gave the world Trump, Brexit, the current wave of right-wing populism & who knows what else through CambridgeAnalytica & Breitbart.

  7. Boris, carry on you are doing the SNP's work for them. Every "Question Time" adds further support for Scottish independence

  8. Love your videos Max but only two prominent tories have suggested rejoining the SM. Not people in Johnsons own party.

  9. I think it is high time for the People of Scotland to Take Back Control. But that is much more likely to leave the Tories in control of England.

  10. When will parliament do something about the UK’s problems instead of Blackford Starmer and Boris doing Monty Python sketches.
    Enough is enough this pantomime is not funny anymore the country is in the shit big time sort it out

  11. Funny that BoJo talks about 2014.
    In 2014 and 2016 Scotland voted for the EU.
    But they have to let england dictate them.

  12. A politician in opposition doing his job as labour should do yet do not. Starmer is useless. Well done Iain! Keep it up! 👏👏👏👏👍

  13. Independent Scotland and United Ireland has been brought forward years. Thanks Boris. 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  14. You can probably not expect to be welcomed back into the EU though. It requires every single country in the EU to go "yeah, we want them back" and I just do not see that happening.- The EU's biggest issue is that it at times is too democratic and that hinders it's processes – something that UKIP managed to use to their advantage and to the disadvantage of everyone else.

  15. Yet again Blackford rips Johnson a new one. The cowardly PM can't even argue the point so rolls out the same tired old tropes

  16. Aawww, he missed a golden goose there. I was sure he was about to say, "… it's just a flesh wound. But no amount of delusion and denial will protect the Prime Minister from the truth; his premiership has no legs."

  17. Next week… "Your mother's a hamster and your father smells of Elderberries." keep em coming Ian! 😆

  18. "Respect the mandate," Boris says. And I totally agree. Let's respect the mandate put forward by the SNP to the people of Scotland at the last election. Wales will follow suit and Ireland will unite. Boris Johnson and his government will go down in history as those responsible for breaking the UK apart, and so in some sense, I'm glad he became PM.

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