I watched a 40 MMR Chen break Dota

In this video from Jenkins’ stream, he watches a 40 MMR Chen invent a new meta. Like… the newest meta you could possibly imagine.

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47 thoughts on “I watched a 40 MMR Chen break Dota”
  1. i just try his method. man that's a lot of healing, it doesnt work in high rank. but its a method bois

  2. You can get an army of centaurs, drums of endurance and YOLO at people with Chen.. SO SATISFYING to chain stun somebody with neutrals!!!

  3. Hes farming using radiance and shadow amulet whilst microing creeps, amazing. Even better than when i used to stack 4 pairs of tranquils on bounty hunter for sustain roaming

  4. "Al menos me queda la satisfacción de que mid fue una mrd" 😂
    For the gringos:
    at least I have the satisfaction that mid was shit
    Or somethig like that.
    That sniper…

  5. Am i in some mandela effect or im an idiot but chen with radience and boots is a legit build from the og dota 1 back in the day

  6. Chen is play calling the whole game. He's macro microing his team. This is next level thought. He might be theory crafting

  7. Chen builds radiance shadow amulet so he can afk fame ancients while playing as his creeps lmao

  8. Damn that Chen has biggest brain in this match. If healing your allies has wage that Chen is already rich.

  9. Y'know, Silencer and Chen ARE actually major enemies to each other in canon. Clearly, Chen just knows the lore.

  10. While everybody play classic DOTA2 game, our best boi, Chen just went full Ash Ketchum and said "I want to play Pokemon 😀"

  11. Jesus what are you saying Jenkins unranked? Bro you literally make a career off people that want mmr bro

  12. Omg I m fawking dead i just caught a random comment im rotfl "if im in herald and i see a dinosaur walking down mid i quit" 🤣

  13. Yeah once I randomised Chen, carry build with Dagon.. 2x ultra 1x rampage :DD ( In low mmr game )

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