I Built Your Strange Python Automation Ideas

I Scripted Your Funny Python Ideas!
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37 thoughts on “I Built Your Strange Python Automation Ideas”
  1. About the .25% speed. I added that for the small portion of my audience that wants to see the code explained. Normally I leave this out since I don’t do tutorials. But I thought this could be a way to potentially satisfy everyone without getting really bad watchtime on the video (which I would get if I showed the explanation in real time because most of you guys would fast forward through that part (And I don’t blame you since I would do that too)) and bad watchtime equals less views and if I do that in every video it equals no more of me being able to make these videos
    But this was just an experiment 😉

  2. Can you create a video where you can guide how to automate all the bling games? Would really really appreciate. Also I'm a novice so don't know anything.

  3. So, for the first automation idea, could you make it so that every time you open up file explorer on windows, you have to enter a password to continue?

  4. Makes more sense to destroy only homedir.. but recovery is pretty easy unless shred or cat /dev/zero > /dev/sdx from a live image…

    If paranoid, run data inside a vm with an encrypted disk…

  5. How easy is it to automate this process? Search a word (or part of a word) that I input in a pdf document and output the paragraphs surrounding the word into a Word doc. Also, how easy is it to data scrape any pdf invoices (other videos usually show a pdf with tables and frames)?

  6. Program a simple lie detector out of a sensor (water) or (iR Light) sensors to either detect sweat or Heart Beat Skip by iR, All by means of a $10 water or iR Light sensor and a $12 ESP32 Arduino Micro Controller which also can be programmed with Python3….. 🙂 Awesome videos BTW !!!!

  7. Question about anti procastination script:
    Where is the sessionstore-backups folder in Windows for Edge?


  8. Nice Video.

    I want you to create a project, where we gave a question to the script and it will go to google and search for it and extract the exact answer in the text, not any links. Also If it couldn't find the answer on the homepage then it should go inside the web pages to find the answer.

  9. 3:05 never store a password in plaintext. I get that this is just a useless demo, but still, it's better to show ppl how it should be done.

  10. Okay, i usually watch your videos on 1,75x or 1.80x and that 4x Speed up was pain 😀 it was a funny idea but for me that part i needed to skip or stop the video sry

  11. To procrastinate while almost finishing an anti procrastinator script is pure genius 😂

  12. Jokes on you, I watch my programming videos sped up already (most of the time sensible work is clearer than dialogue)

  13. the 0.25 speed is a great, creative idea… unfortunately, Youtube's engine is really terrible at rendering audio quality. Maybe the audio could be processed in a proper audio software before uploading ? Otherwise, as people mentioned, chapters are a good solution. Cheers, love your channel!

  14. For the self desctruct script – if you close out of the window that pops up it will kill the process and not delete all of your files.

  15. As usual a fantastic video Kalle! You could use abstractive summarization for the last idea as well.

  16. You could do a file grouping script. You take a path as an input and you group the pdfs (in one folder) , mp3's in another folder , and so on.

  17. I absolutely loved the idea of the x0.25 speed. Unforunately YT kind of sucks with how it slows down the video time. I saw a couple of suggestions in the comments I would love to bump a little. Some people said to put un-listed videos in the description, and putting the videos at the end. Perhaps after/before your credits to where people could skip to with timestamps. Just anything that won't hinder the quality of your video with youtubes weird time speed change system. Other than that. Absolutely amazing video!

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  19. "if you want to watch it, you can slow the vid down to x0.25 or something"
    Me watching on x2 speed

  20. #PythonAutomationIdea: File Sorter
    I download files from the Internet all the time, and I'm pretty good about naming them consistently. But they get dumped into the same directory all the time, and I'd like to automatically move the ones I marked well.
    I imagine a configuration file I'll have to build once, then update as needed. Two items are needed, the identifier for what kind of file, and a directory where those are to be stored.
    So a #Math file would go into my C:LearnMath directory, and a #Python file would go into C:LearnPython directory. This would be two lines in my configuration file, and when I run it it will look in my Downloads directory (can be hardcoded in the Python code or another item in the config file) and move any files with "#Math" into the correct directory.
    I'll then be able to mark the rest of my files without all those others in the way.

  21. Basically a good video, but basically I'd avoid to say 'basically' in every fifth sentence 😀

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