Hybrid Networking: Google Cloud Interconnect

While migrating portions of your on-prem to the cloud, it’s important for your on-prem systems to communicate with your newly minted cloud resource.

In this video, Stephanie Wong dives into Google Cloud Interconnect so you can set up high-speed direct connection to Google’s network for faster data migration and an optimal hybrid environment.

Provision Dedicated Interconnect → https://bit.ly/2CiFMvv
Duplicate an Existing Interconnect for Redundancy → https://bit.ly/2W0KAx1

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21 thoughts on “Hybrid Networking: Google Cloud Interconnect”
  1. i want a bidirectional connection between on-pem and gcp. however there is no public IP assigned to GCP VP instances. So, using the dedicated interconnect can the on-prem server ping the private IP of GCP VM?

  2. Great video!

    I highly recommend to Google Marketing team to decrease the precision of this product price from $1, 700.00 to just $1,700
    When I see so many zeros on my screen I start to get a little scared 😀

  3. How could we choose a liable service provider in local area? And when it's bankrupt or can't operate services.. How could we get a compensation?

  4. I have migrated a VM to GCP but it got configured in default VPC and i cant move those migrated VMs to Customer VPC. Kindly suggest a solution.

  5. Nice userinterface on Google cloud add some more gateways but great simple handling and using google cloud is simple 5 STARS

  6. It is not simple. However, I am working hard to study 8 hours a day to learn. I hope that in 3 years I will be able to be a good professional and be a useful member for humanity.

  7. Great stuff. Stephanie covers the colocation solution but that can be expensive. There are technologies like Pureport that let you directly VPN to Interconnect, even from AWS or MSFT that lower the fees to from $1000's a month to $100's.

  8. Good Content! Thanks! Can you do me a favor? Does this new functionality have a chance to get appear in cloud certification exams?

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