HSE Performance Monitoring Tool (Officer Version) – 10 Amazing Health and Safety Dashboards


    https://bit.ly/37Y1NPc:  The HSE Performance Monitoring Tool now comes with 10 amazing dynamic dashboards which focus on relevant aspects of the safety management system. These are; HSE Performance Trend Dashboard, HSE Targets Summary Dashboard, Incident Dashboard, Control of Work (CoW) Dashboard, Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Dashboard, Workplace Control Monitoring Dashboard, Employee Training and Awareness Dashboard, Continual Improvement Dashboard, Employee Engagement Dashboard and Emergency Response Dashboard to complete the effectiveness of the tool in monitoring and driving HSE performance. This video gives a full overview of the features of the tool and how to use it.

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    SHEQXEL HSE Performance Monitoring Tool – Officer Version

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    SHEQXEL Safety Stock Monitoring Tool
    SHEQXEL HSE Performance Monitoring Tool – Manager Version
    SHEQXEL HSE Performance Monitoring Tool – Officer Version
    SHEQXEL Road Transport Safety Reporting Tool
    SHEQXEL PPE Monitoring Tool
    SHEQXEL HSE Incident Trend Analysis Tool.
    SHEQXEL ChemTool
    SHEQXEL ChemTool Plus
    SHEQXEL HSE Observation Tracker
    SHEQXEL Legislation Tracker
    SHEQXEL Lifting Gear Register
    SHEQXEL Equipment Calibration Tracker
    SHEQXEL HSE Scoreboard
    SHEQXEL Training Matrix
    SHEQXEL Permit to Work Tracking Log
    SHEQXEL Permit to Work Tracking and Audit Log
    SHEQXEL Fire Extinguisher Register
    SHEQXEL HSE Observation Trend Tool
    SHEQXEL Vehicle Driving Licence Tracker
    SHEQXEL Equipment Register
    SHEQXEL HSSE Action Plan
    SHEQXEL KPI Dashboard Template
    SHEQXEL Control of Work KPI Trend Tool
    SHEQXEL Workplace Inspection Dashboard Template
    SHEQXEL Progress Dashboard Template


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