How to win literally any lane (even if you suck)

In this video, Jenkins talks about the latest strategy to win any lane in Dota 2 (popularized in competitive by T1 and LGD).


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41 thoughts on “How to win literally any lane (even if you suck)”
  1. works but in unrated games, if i know enemy support did that. I just deny all friendly creeps so his carry cant farm in return.

  2. Wow… That really incredible knowledge. As a person who recently began to play DotA really useful!
    Thanks for the video!

  3. Your guides usually works for me and I know it improves my play. You’re one of the few that I sub on and really try out your content guides.

  4. I like this alot, forgive me i'm a new player. How does having the vision on that camp keep the enemy team from pulling there creeps? Does it give the player's team vision to see that they are attempting that and the bottom laner (who is not support) goes after them?

  5. me, who has 1100 rating and constantly buying shittons of wards and constantly blocking enemy spawns and we still loosing because my carry is somehow picking shit every time 😀

  6. It's not true Jenkins, tryhards in herald always trying this stupid strategy in laning phase, you just gank their stupid core while the stupid supp is off tryharding in unranked all pick lol. Don't ward camps it's super tryhard, just fucken fight each other and play the damn game instead of copying big brain straps cos theyre to dumb to think of their own strat lol

  7. You win your lane and your team is already on their second and first tier lane loss, so what… dota sucks, too many noobs

  8. This is why playing support at high tier is so annoying. It's basically a game of who can deward more effective lol

  9. I will be doing this and my offlane will still push the lane, die from ganks and blame me for not being there.

  10. I will be most popular person in 1k with that pudge hook! Please let me stream with that god tier item! Lol

  11. i average between $1.4k and $2k on wards every game. more if they have heroes that can invis without items.

  12. totally agree on this i just won my lane just by placing a single sentry and never got dewarded xD so funnny he kept looking for my sentry for 7min until he just left his lane xD lmao

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