How to win literally any lane (even if you suck)


    In this video, Jenkins talks about the latest strategy to win any lane in Dota 2 (popularized in competitive by T1 and LGD).


    #Dota2 #Win #Lane


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    1. I like this alot, forgive me i'm a new player. How does having the vision on that camp keep the enemy team from pulling there creeps? Does it give the player's team vision to see that they are attempting that and the bottom laner (who is not support) goes after them?

    2. It's not true Jenkins, tryhards in herald always trying this stupid strategy in laning phase, you just gank their stupid core while the stupid supp is off tryharding in unranked all pick lol. Don't ward camps it's super tryhard, just fucken fight each other and play the damn game instead of copying big brain straps cos theyre to dumb to think of their own strat lol