How to Use Python with AWS S3 | Python Boto3 Tutorial

Let’s see how you can perform some of the more important operations in your S3 datastore using Python Boto3 library.

Boto3 is the Python library to interact with all AWS services. Here we look at one service in particular, AWS S3. AWS S3 is a simple storage service where you can store structured, semi structured and unstructured data.

It’s pretty common to store S3 for Photos and Videos, as well as use S3 as a data lake – a central data hub where all data flows in.

In this video, we cover all the important operations that you will need. Here are the operations with their timestamps:

00:00 Intro
01:00 What is S3?
03:05 Boto3 Introduction
04:04 List all buckets
05:15 List all objects
07:30 File Upload
12:47 File Download
16:53 Presigned URLs
24:25 Create Bucket
26:17 Copy objects between buckets
29:00 GET object metadata
30:00 Summary & Outro

Check out the code over here:

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