How To Upgrade Zabbix


    Each new release of ZABBIX has a lot of wanted and needed features, so it is always tempting to try them out. However in a production environments an upgrade path might be unclear and scary. In this video we tried to show you the baseline of the upgrade process. What to keep in mind, what to avoid and which best practices to follow.


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    1. Ola sou do Brasil, down issues in portuguese and english.
      Gostaria de saber se tem como realizar o upgrade a partir de um zabbix 2.2? E se for possível onde encontro a documentação sobre essa atualização? E se necessito realizar isso por etapas, atualizando para 3.0 e depois para o 4.0?

      Hello I'm from Brazil. I wonder if you can upgrade from zabbix 2.2? And if possible where can I find the documentation about this update? What if I need to do this in stages, upgrading to 3.0 and then to 4.0?

    2. Hi Dimitry

      Recently we upgraded from version ‘’Zabbix 3.0.1’’ the whole IT Infrastructure of our company to the new version of ‘’Zabbix 4.0.10’’

      Since this migration we meet only one real and unexpected ‘’ glitch‘’ that I can not yet find any solution.

      Actually all of our previous ‘’Action’’ which sent a mail does not function anymore.

      everything seems correct and exactly like before BUT Zabbix does not sends any mail.

      Could you please help and guide us to overcome this problem.

      All ideas and direction to go to test and find a solution are welcome

      Best regards.