How to setup Azure Pipelines Agents on macOS - Azure DevOps

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In this video, you will learn how to setup Azure self-hosted agent on macOS. I have used Macbook M1 pro for this demo.

Command I’ve used in the video: spctl developer-mode enable-terminal.
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12 thoughts on “How to setup Azure Pipelines Agents on macOS – Azure DevOps”
  1. Sir can someone get a job in devops who has completed his course recently but has no experience job in (foreign countries) remotely or offline .with no experience what are the steps or link to apply for jobs or placements please tell !!!😃

  2. Hi GK I just need some suggestion, I'm currently working as a veritas netbackup admin, I'm planning to switch my carrier towards cloud so kindly provide few suggestions.

  3. Hey Cloud Advocate, My personal suggestion: Share us some unknown or less discussed topics on cloud/devops.
    Because these are really self understandable operations and there are multiple videos of it.

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