How to pass the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam


    My experience with Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) together with tips that will help you prepare for the exam.

    My CKAD notes can be found in

    Official CKAD page:

    WARNING: kubernetes version 1.18 is the one being used for the exam, so I recommend to read the following post by Kim Wuestkamp:


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    1. Hi Santigo,

      I am planning to take my CKAD exam shortly below are the few concepts i am getting confused can you please clarify a bit.

      1)when to provide /bin/sh -c or /bash when executing a command.
      2)Should i use sudo -i in exam? if yes when to use and how to use
      3)Just to confirm ckad exam will be given on 1.20 version right? We can see k8 doc is updated to version if I am going to take in next week , does it impact? When is it going to change for exam as well?
      4)When to give command and when to give args , For example in the below question i have given "command" but in lab solutions it was give "args"
      5)What all linux commands would help me in exam

    2. Thanks a lot. Very useful. But I'm not clear how the CKAD exam is performed.

      So do I understand correctly that during CKAD two tabs will be available?

      The first one contains a terminal (like katacoda) and a kind form where I should submit the answers.

      The second one is official k8s documentation


      How are the answers checked? I mean by submitted kubectl commands, YAML content or what?