How to Pass the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam : How I Passed the CKA Exam


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    I recently passed the Certified Kuberentes Administrator ( CKA ) Exam. Here is how I prepared, the resources I used, and my experience during the exam.

    Below are some links to the resources in the video.

    Tech World with Nana youtube channel:

    Udemy CKA Course:

    Kubernetes Documentation:

    Kubernetes the Hard Way by A Cloud Guru: Exam Simulator

    The Linux Foundation CKA Exam Enrollment Portal:


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    1. Hey sudo!
      I just wanted to let you know your video was the inspiration that motivated me study for these exams. I have managed to pass both cka and ckad after few months of studying. I have no prior experience with containers or k8s, but we are planning to use them in the future at my work.

      Thank you so much, take care!!

    2. Awesome tips. I also intend to follow K8s the Hard Way, I heard it's pretty good. I don't really care about getting a certification, I just want to do a Pi Dramble. I got a Proxmox HA cluster on my homelab, but want more power efficiency, having 3 old servers isn't the best for my power bill (and by extension, for my wallet). I also want a small and portable setup.

      I don't have an actual need for virtualization. But my setup would be a little more complicated, because I want to run k3s inside LXD (nested containers) and have a few local services for myself. I want LXD, because I prefer the way virtualization functions and classic Linux system administration.