How to NOT Fail a Technical Interview

Welcome to the software engineer’s technical interview survival guide. Using a mock interview with the classic FizzBuzz question, we cover various tips and strategies for high-pressure problem solving.

Thanks to @ThePrimeagen for collaborating!

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FizzBuzz Question
Coding interview
How to get a Tech Job
How to Learn to Code

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– Technical interview tips
– What are software engineer interviews like?
– How difficult is a coding interview?
– Failing a technical interview
– How to prepare for programming interview


32 thoughts on “How to NOT Fail a Technical Interview”
  1. oh shit… im doing my apprenticeship rn, 3rd year and i talk out loud while coding… but it's a lot of swearing and gibberish of half-sentences that makes sense to me and me only

  2. Completely disagree regarding switch vs if. If there's ever a potential for more than 2 outcomes (eg: if you'd need to use an else if), use a switch. Depending on the language, the compiler typically uses an if/else or a lookup table/hash list under the hood, depending on the number of conditions. The more the conditions, the larger the difference in performance.

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