How to network monitoring with Mikrotik tool for free
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50 thoughts on “How to network monitoring with Mikrotik tool for free”
  1. Thanks Dear Engineer for your efforts
    In setting virtual box network tab there is invalid setting and I can See the Sever Ip

  2. The username which is admin and password: blank didn't work out for me why? I am windows 10 user

  3. What type of drives can be installed? 2.5" only and size? solid state only? Is the MicroSD on the back for the same uses? How big can that support?

  4. very nice solution
    unfortunatelly, I have a Hyper V server, but VHDX file is not working
    An idea?

  5. Hi. At 2'29how do you change the discover object to link object with traffic ?
    I have just tried at home, and I only have the discovery object, I don't have connexion

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  7. Great video! Thank you. This is very delightful. I'll give this tool a try. You have a new subscriber. 😀

  8. Theo dõi ông bạn lâu. Ngưỡng mộ thật sự… Tôi chuyển sang kinh doanh 8 năm nay thành ra mất dần khả năng nghiên cứu… 🙁

  9. After the scan, I do not get the linked layout map you get….how do you get that specific layout? My devices are just clumped together with no link lines.

  10. mine refused to work probably because of the password and username. is this password and username default irrespective of the network??

  11. Falha ao abrir uma sessão para a máquina virtual MikroTik_RouterOS_CHR.

    Not in a hypervisor partition (HVP=0) (VERR_NEM_NOT_AVAILABLE).

    AMD-V is disabled in the BIOS (or by the host OS) (VERR_SVM_DISABLED).

    Código de Resultado: E_FAIL (0x80004005)

    Componente: ConsoleWrap

    Interface: IConsole {872da645-4a9b-1727-bee2-5585105b9eed}

  12. Para saan po to at ano po ang ginagawa ng tool na to salamat po hoping kasi na madagdagan yung nalalaman ko.

  13. i am up to buy and start using the mikrotik technology in my house in the future but.. i don't know nothing about networks and all the concepts and stuff and i know for sure that it'll still be almost useless if bought the hardware before learning about the basics..

    What courses i should take in order to know what i'm doing on a mikrotik router?

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