How to monitor your network for free with Zabbix

Step by step on how to install and use Zabbix
Zabbix –
How to setup SNMP –

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23 thoughts on “How to monitor your network for free with Zabbix”
  1. This is not working as of 4/27 I dont think. I'm getting all kids of errors on hyper v server 2019.

  2. Hi there, on Zabbix can we monitor every user in the network which website they visited or which application they are using? thnx

  3. Could not get Zabbix to install for the life of me. Stuck on stuck on dracut initqueue warning: unknown network kickstart url No matter what version of the iso I use.

  4. thanks for your great effort transferring knowledge. bad sadly I can not follow your nervous, fast & furious, almost invisible micro-pointer. when I do teaching on-screen sessions, I always switch to a huge, color glowing, slow-motioned mousepointer, which then easily can be followed by the audience.

  5. The video is more than wonderful and presents the information with the utmost transparency and accuracy. Congratulations for you and your channel Bro

  6. Awesome video. Quick question if my router acts as both a switch and a router do I input the same IP or how do I go abou it?

  7. In 3 minutes you've done more to sell me on the idea of Zabbix than all their marketing. I just spent 2 days fighting with another software that is supposed to do the same thing. I wish I knew about your video first.

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