How to Migrate Local PostgreSQL Database to AWS RDS

In this video we are going to see how to Migrate local PostgreSQL database to AWS-RDS So this is the 3rd video of MEAN stack deployment architecture for aws

In the last video we have seen that how to deploy nodejs REST APIs to aws Lambda function

So this video is only about AWS-RDS services

RDS has free-tier option with 20GB of storage and 20GB of backup so basically we are going to get RDS service free for one year.

So before starting this video we need pgAdmin

pgAdmin is a database management tool.

so we will use this tool to connect to local postgres databse as well as for Remote Database Service

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11 thoughts on “How to Migrate Local PostgreSQL Database to AWS RDS”
  1. Thanks for the explanation. I understand this is a demo for testing purposes, but be aware it is really dangerous to enable "All Traffic" in the security groups, this is a sure way to get hacked.

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