How to login automatically to any site in Python using Selenium

It varies for every site, because they all name elements differently. The links to the sites I used are located down below:

Chrome driver:
Site 1:
Site 2:

Latest updates:

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20 thoughts on “How to login automatically to any site in Python using Selenium”
  1. I am getting an error “chromedriver 2” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

  2. thanks bro you helped me today
    one thing try except can you teach with the scraping part its needed to never make process get stopped.

  3. For name part you are using element_by_name but what if that name string is a 2 word string with a space like "string name" how can we write that after "by_"

  4. what is this interface called ?
    when i download python i only get a cmd like comand window

  5. good my problem is that in the web to which I want to access … it has 3 buttons before being able to loggear.
    1st button (login)
    2do button (select facebook or gmail)
    load my data
    3rd button send data

    How do I click on the previous buttons to get to the registration form?

  6. hi, I am using javascript and i dont have the id eather, do you maybe know how it works with javascript?

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