How to Land A Business Analyst Job in CANADA in 90 days OR LESS

Are you looking for how to land a business analyst job in Canada?
In this video, I will share with you how to land a business analyst job in 90 days or less and also how to start a business analyst career even if you have no experience.

If you want to learn how to land your first business analyst job, some key elements have to be in place such as your business analyst resume, business analyst interview skills and business analyst work examples.

Landing your first business analyst job in Canada, the USA or anywhere in the world requires some strategies which I will be sharing with you in this video.

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24 thoughts on “How to Land A Business Analyst Job in CANADA in 90 days OR LESS”
  1. Thank you for watching…Are you trying to land a business analyst job? What strategies are you applying and how has the experience been?

  2. Eno, I was in the field as sales representative for almost eight years before going back to classroom as a postgraduate student and have obtained my PhD in Public Relations, currently lecturing. I have been looking for opportunities to become a business analyst since. I need your assistance as currently in Nigeria

  3. IT Business analysis
    Business Analytics

    Which one is best to study in Canada with great salary/future ?

  4. Hi Eno … please help oo,. I need a transition asap. I’m a chartered accountant and have been Doing this for a while but I want something very interesting, and much secured in the future. How do I begin. I’m looking to do msc in Uk by this year in accounting and finance but still focused in pursuing BA. Pls give me hang up into the BA. Where can I get started, materials, relevant and all?

  5. i am not a business analyst. How do I become one. I am currently a business development lead though with an Engineering background. Please let me know how to start this career path

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  7. Hi Eno, your post is very insightful.

    please,would you like to be my mentor? I just completed my master’s in business information systems but really don’t know how to join the industry, I’ve started with short courses and certification but I still feel I don’t know how🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. I am from India, i am certified BSc nurse and MBA in hospital administration(Part time). Right now working as Business analyst in IQVIA(US based data science company). I want to migrate to Canada and start business analyst job.

  9. Hi Eno, Hope you are doing well☺️
    I am Ankita newbie in Edmonton. This video was very interesting and insightful. Thank you for this. I have 4 years of experience as spatial data specialist. Also, I have certificate as BI from one of the private institute in india which covered R and ML. Want to switch my career into BA. It will be really great if you help me out in this. Thank you.

  10. Hi Eno I have a brother in Canada who has been trying to get BA job he has done certifications how can he reach out to you?

  11. I have the Google data Analytics certificate. I have zero experience in d role but 3 yrs experience in office Administration

  12. Hello. Pls is it possible for a recent law graduate to successfully land a business Analyst role?

  13. Hello Eno

    Hope you doing well…
    I am Trushin Vagadiya. I want to switch my career from generator Technician to BA… my back ground is Electrical field and now I want to learn about BA… so it would be great if you can guide me on that….
    Thank you

  14. Awesome video, thank you!! I will be taking the free course soon, hope to connect with you in the future.

  15. Hello eno,
    I have done engineering and then a mba in finance in India and worked in the equity research analyst space for 2.5 years then I was a stay at home mom for around 4 years I am migrating to Canada now and want to get into a business Analyst profile .what should my strategy be .It will be very helpful if u could guide me on the same .

  16. This is very insightful, thank you for sharing Eno.

    I’m a new immigrant in Canada and will be implementing these strategies.

    Networking on LinkedIn, with recruiters, and People in organizations you’d like to work as well as communicating business analysts skills and terminologies on your CV and LinkedIn are key points that resonates.

    Looking forward to subsequent videos

  17. Eno, fantastic presentation, how did you immigrate to canada with this skill set, i am interested.

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