How to Integrate private container registry with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in 5 easy steps


    Azure Container Registry (ACR) in the private container registry. This video walks through the process of migrating container images from public Dockerhub registry to a fully managed ACR private registry. Following steps help us to integrate ACR with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS):
    1 – Create ACR registry
    2- Create AKS cluster with ACR integration
    3 – Build & deploy Docker images to private ACR registry
    4 – Update Kubernetes manifest files to pull images from private ACR registry
    5 – Deploy application onto Kubernetes cluster and see ACR integration with AKS in action

    0:35 – RabbitMQ demo example
    1:10 – Docker images used in the Demo
    2:00 – Reasons for using Azure Container Registry
    4:41 – Create ACR registry using PowerShell script
    7:25 – Create AKS cluster with ACR integration using PowerShell script
    9:53 – login to ACR registry using Docker login
    11:47 – Build & Publish Docker images to ACR Registry
    13:45 – Update Kubernetes manifest files to refer to ACR registry images
    14:52 – Deploy application containers to AKS
    17:50 – Managed Identity based authentication between AKS and ACR
    19:43 – Five step process

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