How to Host a FREE Website on Google Cloud Platform


    Learn how to set up a WordPress website on the free tier of Google Cloud Platform in this tutorial that will walk you through the steps of hosting your free website.

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    1. I get the following error when I test using nginx -t : "the "user" directive makes sense only if the master process runs with super-user privileges"
      Not sure what to do or why? Also when I head to the IP it still refuses to connect, this video seems good just can't get it working for me

    2. Great video! I'm a newbie and I was able to setup my vm in gcp successfully and accessing the website via the external IP also works. My problem is my Google domain never points to this IP. I tried using custom name servers based on the gcp-vm instance. But after three days of waiting for the propagation delay, the website still does not get accessed via the domain names. Help?

    3. First, thanks for continuing to respond to posts, even after a year! So, you're saying your service continues to be free? I set up my site scrupulously mimicking your settings (N1, f1-micro 1vCPU/614MB RAM), and the only odd thing is Google bumped my network to 'premium' (I since moved it back to standard). A couple weeks ago my 90-day 'evaluation' expired and Google said I had to move to actual billing or my content would be unavailable: they're now estimating Dec usage at $10. $120/yr isn't the end of the world, but it's also far from free …