How to get a data science job

This video is for those of you who are learning data science in the hopes of getting a data science internship or job. Just because you learned data science doesn’t mean you will automatically get interviews and land a data science job. There’s more to it that I break down in this video 🙂


00:00 Intro
01:19 Framework
01:34 Transitioning into data science
04:31 Students
06:22 Summary
Links mentioned in video

Ken Jee’s 66daysofdata (highly recommend for everybody!):

Data science projects for students:

Data science projects for non-students:

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About me

Hi, my name is Tina and I’m a data scientist at a FAANG company. I was pre-med studying pharmacology at the University of Toronto until I finally accepted that I would make a terrible doctor. I didn’t know what to do with myself so I worked for a year as a research assistant for a bioinformatics lab where I learned how to code and became interested in data science. I then did a masters in computer science (MCIT) at the University of Pennsylvania before ending up at my current job in tech 🙂

I have accepted that I will forever be a lazy person so have since decided to embrace that. My motto is to always minimize effort and maximize outcome!

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36 thoughts on “How to get a data science job”
  1. Hi Tina, this was really great advice about demonstrating your impact, super useful for data science people but I feel like it's relevant to every field too. Please could you do a video on how you deal with rejection? I'm job hunting in a field that's very new to me (not data science) at the moment and I'm just so afraid of getting rejected because that could mean the end of my dream. Also, even if it doesn't, the feeling just sucks lol.

  2. Hi, you mentioned two types of examples, but in real life, there's another type, which is don't have a job and can't go back to school, like someone wants to transfer from one industry to data science. It would be nice if you can provide some suggestions for this type of case. Thanks

  3. Hi Tina
    I’m not sure if that’s what you meant. Recently, I read at quora that you cannot be a data scientist or machine learning engineer without having experience in software. Would you agree?

  4. Yea I'm gonna be doing a Data Sciences BSc in 2021. What are things I should do on the side? Things I should do to prepare? Your videos have been really interesting to watch!

  5. Hey, Tina I was in the mood of learning data science then someone told me that this job takes minimum 5 years experience to get a decent job. Is it true?

  6. Do you think that as a physics major I have a good chance at landing a data science job?
    I feel like that time is over and now the ones, who are more specialized, take over.

  7. can you give some examples of what may be considered as impactful? its hard to know from the outside looking in, and without a clear idea it easy to get lost coding something not impactful

  8. Amazing how much effort so many people put into to getting a job while someone with connection can bypass it all and get the job.

  9. Why don't you just go to school, and get degree in Computer science, Applied Mathematics, or in Engineering.

  10. Tina my dear, ive watched the video about how to start selecting your project
    Am a traffic engineer and. A transport planner finished my master 1 year ago and totally left the country where I’ve conducted it, it’s quite hard for me to reach out to my supervisors and ask about a possibility to do a project with them
    In my case for instance which is a lot of us case indeed , how to start doing project ?

  11. More open buttons needed in thumbnail to grow the channel much faster. I found this from data analysis.😂

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  13. Hi….could u please make a video on how to ace data structures and algos for FAANG? Thanks:)

  14. Hey Tina !. I am
    Very much interested in joining MCIT course. I would really appreciate if u could tell me the degree format of MCIT degree. Whether it is equivalent to a MS degree

  15. Hmmm I'm going the applied math route with stats as a minor or possibly masters. Is there any reason in particular that you would recommend CompSci beyond just the programming background it provides? Also, how different is data science compared to machine learning? They sound almost like the same thing (given their job descriptions). Great video btw!

  16. I think the problem with your mic might be the input source. Like, your mic is connected to your laptop, but your input is still the internal mic on your laptop. Check your input source. Great video btw.

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