How to Deploy a Container with Docker Compose

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In this video, Trevor Sullivan covers how to build and deploy a custom built container image with Docker Compose. In this step by step demonstration, you’ll see the various settings you need to configure, where to go to get the container instructions, and how to customize a publicly accessible image for your specific requirements.

Trevor begins by walking through the various docker settings, including version, services, web, and build, explaining what you’ll use each one for and what you should know about it. The build instruction is particularly important; in a previous video, Trevor explained how to use an image to point to a WordPress container. However, when you’re creating a container, you’ll need to change that over to the build instruction.

You’ll see where to go in the project root folder to find the Dockerfile instructions that will allow you to build a custom container. You won’t need to start from scratch; Trevor will show you how to use a publicly accessible image and then customize it to create the container you need.

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  1. it is easy to do while, the file is local and docker, but what if the docker is on a server and not local, how do i upload the file then?

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