How to Create PHP Development Environments with Docker Compose

With the popularization of microservices and distributed systems, containers became a popular choice for creating lightweight and disposable environments that can be easily replicated and distributed. Docker Compose was created to facilitate managing Docker environments that require multiple service containers, such as the typical LEMP stack. This talk will demonstrate how to create a PHP development environment with Docker Compose, using a Laravel 6 application as case study. We’ll see how to define and integrate services, how to share files between containers, and how to manage your environment with Docker Compose commands.

Speaker: Erika Heidi, Digital Ocean
Twitter: @erikaheidi


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27 thoughts on “How to Create PHP Development Environments with Docker Compose”
  1. Wow ! exactly what I needed. I juste got a new laptop and gave me the chalenge to only install Docker on this machine for my web development. And of course I love Laravel. Thanks a lot. Now I can run my proper Laravel app without to install WAMP.

  2. Watching this for the second time because I've now experienced the tech-update path from VMs to Docker you speak about here in your history of development cycle. Great summary & really good info. Still learning PHP, learning to totally DIS-like Laravel though..LOL Brilliant video!

  3. Really liked the historical overview of php development. Im just now realizing I have to move on frommy XAMPP setup to be able to take advavtage of what node js can offer. Getting php and node js to work as one is going to require composer as far as I can tell, but Im not a fan of laravel and so Im looking for a tutorial like this one but without the laravel part.

  4. @Erika Heidi Command is stressed on the last syllable and the 'd' is pronounced. I'm just trying to be helpful. You speak at least two languages fluently while I only speak one. So I am in awe of you. Plus I am learning aspects of Docker from you.

  5. I presume her accent is from Brazilian Portuguese. She's a joy to listen to. No trace of "I'm going to GO AHEAD and do this" or "I'm gonna GO AHEAD and do that" in almost every other sentence. She speaks better English than most English native speakers I've heard on IT channels around YT.

  6. O interessante que todos os tutoriais que já vi, nenhum dá um exemplo de como integrar Mysql, PHP, Apache, ou mesmo Nginx. Só exemplos separados, a pessoa que se vire pra integrar tudo. Tudo blá blá blá pra ganhar viewrs. O seu tutorial chegou mais perto do que eu precisava, pena que não funcionou na prática. Dislike então.

  7. Estou começando os estudos com o Docker, muito bom o vídeo. Gostei mais ainda quando descobri que é brasileira, legal ver gente grande na área de tecnologia!

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